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A Famous Traveler

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The Ladies' Library association have been extremely fortúnate in securing the services of Mrs. FrenchShelden, F. R. G S., the remarkable traveler and explorer, who will lecture Friday evening, April 27 at 8 o'clock, at the school of music. Her subject is Sultan to Sultan. Wonders of África. She is a brilliant lecturer with something to say, and her lecture will be illustrated by stereopticon views. This woderful woman, in 1S91, penetrated 1000 miles into unknown África, attended by a band of 200 native men and women, herself the organizer and leader of the magnificent expedition, and the only white person in it Her progress was perfectly raarvellous. Through hostile and barjarous tribes she passed as an elegant lady would, superbly dressed, uxuriously surrounded, welcomed and feted at the courts of savage cings, with the American flag floatng at the head of her triumphant rocession and "Goodwill to men" ïer pass-word and safe conduct. Some of our Ann Arbor people met and heard her at the World's "air; almost all saw her magnificent travelling equipment in the Transportation Building. All these will be glad to see her again, and ïear her exciting adventures. The lecture will be given in ?rieze Memorial hall and the tickets must therefore be limited. They will be placed on sale at Brown's Drug store and Sheehan's, Wahr's and in President Angell's office, with Miss Goodrich.


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