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Those who have not yet procured ickets for the great May festival should see that they procure them n time, because the sale will be topped as soon as the capacity of Jniversity hall is exhausted. In reference to the pianist, Arthur Triedman, who accompanies the Boston Festival company, which appears in Ann Arber at the May estival, "Recontevr," the famous critic of the New York musical Courier, says the following: "He gave us the wonderful - I say wonderful advisedly - B minor sonata of Liszt. I had never been a isztianer, but I date my conversión rom that time. The potentialities of the pianist became living, soundng realities. It was a performance the power, fullness, symmetry and grandeur of which I shall cherish :orever and a day in memory. The real Freidhelm stood forth, a fellow of primal powers and a certain rugged nobility that made all saccharine jianism most distasteful. Then I leard him play again last week and I hasten to lay my modest bouquet of admiration at his feet, and beg him to remember what Emerson once wrote of consistent people and fools. "Mr. Seidl once told me of the tremendous feat which he saw accomplished by Friedheim in Germany, of conducting from memory the 'Faust' symphony of Liszt, a stupendous woak, which takes one hour aud ten minutes for performance. Well, Friedheim did it the other night, and with only one break, in the scherzo, ogainst him - and it was not his fault. Then he played his own piano concerto in B flat, a sonorous, brilliant work, scored most effectively, and afterward he played Liszt's E flat concerto in a superb, sculptural fashion; then ,for encoré the same composer's sixth rhapsody, and wound up the evening's trifling entertainment by conducting Wagner's 'Kaiser Marsch' like Anton Seidl - need I sav more ? "


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