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The spring trip of the baseball team is at an end, and the most exacting cannot fail to be pleased with the showing made. Once more are we easily at the front in the West. The following games constitute the trip: Michigan, 18, Ohio Wesleyan, 4, Delaware, O., April 14. For eight innings of this, the first game of the season, Michigan put up a strong game, three of Delaware's four runs being secured in the last inning. Krogman struck out nine men, and Smeltzer's work behind the bat was surprisingly good. Michigan's fielding and batting were excellent. At Granville, O., April 16, Michigan, 8; Denison, 6. This was a very closely contested game, Deni son's nine being a strong one anc Michigan's fielding being rathe poor. Hollister's pitching won the game for Michigan, together with the team's batting. At Gambier, O., April 17, Michigan, 11; Kenyon, 5. This was a rather loose game, errors being a feature. Michigan's stick work was again a winning point, and the infield work was again somewhat deficiënt. At Lexington, Ky., April 18, heavy rain prevented the game with Kentucky State College. At Danville, Ky., April 19, Michigan, 8; Centre, 12. The rain and deep mud were responsible to a considerable degree for the rather ragged playing. Bently was knocked out of the box in the first inning, and Hollister went in. The batting was heavy on both sides and Michigan's fielding was poor. At Champaign, 111., April 20, Michigan, 12; Illinois, S. Triis was a rather close, though loosely played game. Illinois is not so strong as a team this year as last, and will not be a dangerous rival. Her batting was responsible for the size of her score. At Evanston, 111., April 21, Michigan, 7; Northwestern, 1. tThis was the game of the trip, so far as indications go. Hollister and Smeltzer clearly showed their superiority as a battery over Griffiths and Kedzie. Hollister allowed but one hit and one base on balls, and struck out six men. Griffiths was as wild as of old, and five hits were secured off him. At Madison, Wis., April 23, Michigan, 9; Wisconsin, 8. This game was a fizzle in more ways than one, Wisconsin's action being calculated to make it so. Our team carne on the field late, and with 110 dinner, and made an agreement to play seven innings, in order to get the train. Wisconsin's first move was to refuse to allow two umpires and our team had to submit to the decisions of one. At the end of the seventh inning of the rather loosely played game, the score was 9 to 8 in our favor. Wisconsin was allowed to take her half of the eighth innings, and got three more runs, when our team left to take the train, considering the game ended at the close of the seventh. Wisconsin now makes a show of claiming the game 9to o. Captain Shields put up on the rip the same reliable game as of ld, in spite of his injured arm. iis batting was a noticeable feaure of his playing, and to his vigrous work is due much of the credit f the trip. Pitcher Hollister's showing is one o be proud of. He played in every ame of the trip, pitching in three parnés and playing right field and econd base in the others. His work at Northwestern showed what ie is capable of, Kedzie securing he only hit off him. His batting ïas been uniformly good. Krogman's work in the box was also good. He pitched in four ames, of which the game with Dhio Wesleyan was the best. Mackenzie, at first, has played a very creditable game, besides doing some good batting. His work is safe and reliable. Russell's weak point was his batting, except in the Northwestern game. His fielding, too, was not up to standard. Pepple, who played short in five james, was especially deficiënt at :he bat and fielded very indifferently. Deans' work on third was a material aid to the team. His fielding was almost above reproach, and he led the team in batting. Wentworth, who played left field and second, was another of the heavy batters. His fielding was good also. Bently's fielding was very accept able. He went in to pitch agains Center, but was replaced by Hollis ter. Apperson did no work, except a fielder in one game, for Smeltze proved more than equal to the task of catching. Smeltzer's work be hind the bat was phenomenal, con sidering his lack of practice, and he tied Wentworth for second place in the batting list.


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