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Wilson Vs. Mckinley

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In a recent issue of the North American Review, Governor Wm. E. Russell has contrasted the Wilson and McKinley bilis in plain and forcible terms. The Wilson bill gives free raw materials and cheaper necessaries of life, while arranging to raise a revenue of nearly two hundred million dollars. It is not the kind of tariff taxation that takes from one to give to another, or burdens all to enrich the few. It rneans free wool to woolen industries, free rags to the paper industries, free silk to the silk industries, as well as free hides to the boot and shoe and leather industries, free coal, free sugar, etc, etc. This refers to the bill as it passed the house February i, 1894. On the other hand the McKinley bill was drawn solely for private interests, to kill competition, encourage trusts and cut off revenue. The business depression of the past year is but the natural result of the McKinley bill as predicted by Roger Q. Mills in June, 1890. He said: "We now have a surplus of agricultural products, of manufactures and of minerals. Fenced in with the McKinley barriers, our milis must stop, employment must cease, wages must be reduced, profits must disappear and business must stand paralyzed in the presence of a congressional pestilence, while the country steps down to a lower round of the ladder of depression." Prophetic words! But the impending disaster was delayed until the democrats came into power, which party is now made to surfer by the natural and expected outcome of the vicious tariff legislation inflicted upon a long suffering people, viz., the obnoxious


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