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Prame Has Confessed

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Grand Rapids, April 24.- Mrs. Miles .tlcKendrick, an old woman, was garroted in her house in the southeru part of the city early in the niorning of Jan. 16 and robbed of 500 which she had on her person. The rnurderers and robbers escaped without being geen, and they lef t no clew behiud them. Henry A. Prame, arrested last Priday in Liberty ville. Hls., has confessed that he, with Charles Macard of this city, killed the woman, but declared that not mui-der, but robbery was their purpose. Macard was arrested a, nionth ago in San Francisco and is now in jail awaiting examination. Prainè says he was working on the docks in Chicago last suminer and becarne acquainted with Macard. Their relations became very friendly, and Macard suggested that they come to this city and rob a woman he knew had lots of money, but Prame refused. Their job finally was ended, and, nothiug else turning up, Prame finally consented to come here to look the ground over. They arrived in December and for several weeks chopped wood near the McKendrick house and closely observed the fainily habita. They saw that McKendrick left the house early every morning leaving his wife alone and that the situation of the house was such that none could see what was going on. Prame finally consented to the robbery. They went to the house early one morning, but looking through the window saw Mrs. McKendrick at work in the kitchen and Prame's heart failed him. Two mornings later they went again, and this time Prame's nerve was up. They quickly entered the house and then together attacked the old womau. She was thrown to the floor and Prame held her while Macard tied the ropes and inserted the gag and then covered her head with a tablecloth. Macard was ruasked, as the woman kuew him well. but his ïnask feil off in the struggle and Prame thinks he purposely inserted the gag so that she would strangle to death. Macard found the money in the woman's bosom and they left thé house without being seen. They traveled southward and in the woods divided the money, Prame getting $285. Then they separated, Prame going to Chicago. When he reached Chicago he first learned that the woman had died. In desperation he squandered the money. He says he was haunted by his crime, being glad when he was arrested, and the horrible crime off his mind. Prame is about 40 years old, and looks like an honest hard working man. Macard is a nervy villain and denies that he ever even saw or heard of Prame. He was convicted several years ago of the murder of Michael O'Hara, but gained his liberty on a technicality af ter serving a year in prison. He lived near the McKendrick house and was well acquainted with the murdered woman.


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