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A very interesting meeting of tlieWebster Fariner's club was held one week ago Saturday. An lntoresting discussion of the qnestion, "ís it good policy tor farmers to sell or sacrificetheir flocks of sheep at the prevailing prices?" ïormed a part of the program. This discussion was participated in by Messrs. Geo. W. Merrill,, Nordman, Wra. Ball and C. M. Stark. The May meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. A. Chamberlain amt Rev. Baumgartner will read a paper and Mrs. Wm. Scadin will contribnteto the program . The ladies will discuss the handling of dairy products. A. S. Ilayden, of the Globe Brick and Tile Works of Milan, is nothing if he is not a hustler. He has one of the most extensive plants in Michigan, and is constant ly enlarging and improving it. TT bas just put in a machine called tliH " Little Wonder,"" whicli in reality is quite a big wonder. By means nf ihis machine the clay is carried from the bank to each of the various machines by automatic carriers, and when it comes out at the other end it is a brick all ready foidrying The dryer is a building 31 by 210 feet, iwo stories, heated by furnaces, and will dry green stock ready for kiln in tliree or four days. Thecapacity is 2ó,00ü bricks per day. Tuesday was Mr. and Mrs. J. IX Corey's 5Oth wedding anniversary, it was also Mr. Oorey a 78th birthday, and the relat ives, notably the Gage amily, concluded to give the agetf couple a surprise, and celébrate the occasion at their hospitable home oit 'cobhle hill." The scheme worked tod charro and a jolly time was the result. Thftre were present, George, Ddward and Danforth Gage and sister. drs. Hunt, from Jackson, Mr. antl ttrs. Asa Gage from Tecumseh, Mr. a,nd Mrs. A. K. Gage and Mr. and 4rs. James Gage, of this village, besides children and grandcliildren, to the number of 35. - Manchester Enterprise. Regard less of the dull times and dificulty experiènced in trying to do jusiness, Norman Wood has kept steadily moving along with his fine lock of merinos, which are always of iigh grade, and those who can appreciate gonl stock speak of them as winners bnth in prizes and as wool growers. Norman takes great pride in hisiloek, ainl by his careful attention to them in placing them among the best, he has won a reputation in that line which is of gveat valué to himself. Last week he shipped to Kansas four fine young ewes. with two shipped thesame party a almrt time previous, goto íill out' a llock fot E. D. King, ol' Burlington, the great fine wool sheep. man of the west. Mr. K. captured K premiums at the big Chicago show.. The six bow purchased of Mr. Wood: are to flll out his show ring that he exiiects to nlar-e on exhibition this roer and fa.ll.-


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