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Justice Bennett, yesterday, did a land-office business which, if continued every day, would give him a very handsome income. John Williams admicted that he had been jagged. Five days in jail. Walter Hudson engaged in the laudable profession of making old and new umbrellas, was suspected of being a member of Coxey's army. He also admitted thathe was drunk, and received 20 days in jail. Bert Robinson admitted after a search warrant had proved it to be a fact, that he had stolen flour from George sweet. He paid $25 fine and costs rather than go to the Detroit House of Correction for 65 days. Justice Bennett issued warrants under the city ordinance against Gustave A. Fisher and Bertrand Amsden for trespassing on the athletic grounds. A warrant was also issued for Edward Miller, charged by Christian Heinzmann with an assault and battery. The fracas took place Saturday evening, on the Michigan Central bridge, on Detroit street. Heinzmann was cut over the head so badly that Dr. Georg was called on to sew it up. He lost a large amount of blood.


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