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Automatic Telephone Co.

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A new telephone company under the name ot the Michigan ElectroAutomatic Telephone Company, is trying to secure a franchise to opérate in this city. During the past week the company has had on exhibition in the city building a sample of their automatic switching device. It seems to be simple and to all appearances will work as claimed. The telephone used is the one in general use today in all telephone exchanges, except that on this box where the battery is placed are tached four keys, one for units another for tens, one for hundred and a release. At the central offic each telephone is connected wit what may be termed a sort of een tral station of its own, and this i connected with each of the othe telephones of the circuit. If a cus tomer desires to cali a certain num ber, say 34, he would press the ten key three times making 30, and th units key four times, making four Of course, if no one responds, in due time, the caller will conclud that there is no one at the offic called. i. he device seems to be all right and we are inclined to the belie that it will work satisfactorily, and if it does, being so much cheape than the present method, will have much to commend it. If the fran chise is granted, the company wil give the city the free use of six or eight instruraents. The probabili ties are that the company will be granted a franchise, and it is to be hoped that the result will be advan tageous to the city.


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