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Last Night's Council Meeting

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The council meeting last evening was a most satisfactory one, busiess being transacted in a spirit of jrotherly love. Only on two or iiree motions were there dissenting otes. The street committee had jeen most industrious and merited he words of commendation betowed on them by Pres. Wines. Every member of the council was jresent and also City Attorney Noris. A number of petitions were preented and referred to the proper ommittees. James V. Robison sked to be allowed to put in a wooden drive way in the cement walk that had been ordered. J. T. acobs and others asked fora lateral ewer on Washington street east to . Fourth avenue. Prof. Kelsey nd others wanted a fire hydrant laced at the corner of Tappan st. nd E. University avenue. Dr. C. i. Nancrede and others asked for n electric light at the corner of N. ngalls street and Cornwell place. Chas. A. Muma and others asked or a sidewalk on the south side of ï. Huron street from Ingalls street o the old cemetery. Mack & chmidt asked for a cement crossng on the north side of Liberty treet on S. Main street. The ordinance committee gave the irst reading by title of an ordinance o give the Michigan Electro-Autoïatic Telephone Company a frantiise. The grade on the north end of iroadway was fixed and an appro)riation of $400 made for grading he same. Aid. Manly stated the rade was satisfactory to the ward. 'he much talked of grading of Monoe st. was passed, the grade fixed, nd Aid. Martin explained that the )eople on second thoughtwere satisied with the proposed improvement. T Fifty dollars were appropriated for the grading of Gott street. The City Engineer was directed to make a plan and specifications and estímate of cost for the culvert on Fountain street between Cherry street and Miller avenue. A new grade on Third street between West Huron and West Liberty streets was adopted and an appropriation of Sioo made for grading the same. More time was granted the committee on re-planking the bridge over the Michigan Central railroad, so as to give the city attorney time to make his report. Aid. Manly stated that the sidewalk committee was a little different from other committees, and he intended to have the committee hold stated meetings at which persons interested could be heard. Dr. A. Kent Hale, receiver of the Water Company, invited the council to view the pumping station, wells and reservoir of the Water Company. It was decided to accept and the time appointed was this afternoon at 7, o'clock. Aid. Prettyman, of the bond committee, reported a long list of saloon and druggists1 bonds, which were unanimously accepted. Aid. Manley, of the special committee on rules, reported two slight changes which after some good natured chaffing were adopted. Fred Sipley, chief of the fire department, submitted an interesting report which every tax payer should study to fully realize the efficiency of the department. The department responded to sixty alarms during the year, as follows: Chimney fires, 16; sparks from locomotive, 5; defective chimneys, careless depositing of ashes,wood stoves and gasoline stoves, 3 each; cigarettes, spontaneous combustión, children playing with matches, burning rubbish, incendiary, 2 each; sundry other causes, 1 each. The value of property destroyed was $29,738; insurance paid, $22,747- The largest fires were those at Hamilton park and the street car barn. The distance traveled, responding to fires, was 66}4 miles; 23,050 feet of hose was laid, and 34 chemicals discharged. The valué of department property is: Building and lot, $18,000; apparatus, $2,500; five horses, $500; hose, $2, 200; a total of $23,747. The expenses of the department were: Salaries, $5, 062. 58; hose, L392; doctor's bilis, medicine, $323.62; oats, $209.39; hay, $121-37; sundry other items, making a total of 16,852-59- The receipts for building permits were $8. Relativa to water supply the chief said: "From observation in and about the pumping station, I feel warranted to state hat the prospects for an adequate snpply of water are better than ever jefore." The annual report of City Physician, Dr. E. A. Clark was read. He ïad made 178 house visits, 5 cases of labor with 18 visits. He gave 168 prescriptions in houses and 154 at his office. He had six surgical cases. facob Ganzhorn, the commissioner on yellows, made an elabórate eport. The Thomson Houston Electric 3o was reported in proper shape and was approved. City Attorney Norris reported on he Mary Kinney law suit. The ity had had assurances that the lilis estáte would pay the judgment and Mr.Gruner, the executor, stood eady to pay but had been advised not to do so by Judge Cheever, the ouncil of the estáte. The injury occurred absolutely through the ault of the estáte. "Judge Cheever ither thinks that the estáte is not iable or that I will go out of office, nd that the next attorney will now nothing about the case. I ecommed an immediate suit." Aid. Prettyman moved that City Attorney Norris be directed to commence suit against the Ellis estáte for the amount of the Kinney judgment. A committee consisting of Aid. Wood, Manly, and Ferguson was appointed to ascertain the cost of a three-seated wagon for the use of the council. On motion of Aid. Brown $25 were allowed for sprinkling around the court house. The census enumerators of the various wards recommended were: First, W. K. Childs; second, Geo. B". Schwab; third, Myron H. Mills; fourth, Frederick Howlett; fifth, Mrs. Carrie Kellogg, sixth, William Cleaver. Pres. Wines and Aid. Prettyman and Manly were appointed a committee to draw up specifications for city printing.


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