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Branded As A Deserter

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The Samoset club, a strong Deniocratc club of Omaha, whose leader is exGovernor Boyd, held a meeting April 7, at which the following resolutions were passed unanimously: Whereas, The principie of the tariff br revenne only, as announced by the ast national convention of our party, is by us considered as the most cardinal of the doctrines of the Democratie faith, and Whereas, It is the chief aiin of our organization to strengthen the hands of hose in or out of office who make honorable battle for Democratie principies, herefore be it Resolved, That we, as au organizaion, heartily commend the action of resident Cleveland and bis qoworkers n the present congress in the cause of ariff reform, and while we deprécate md regret as un-Democratic the position f all those who will not support the iVilson bill we hereby denonnce David 3. Hill of New York for the speech deivered by him in the United States senite April 9, 1894, as showing him recreant to his duties as a Democrat and brand him as a deserter of the party in the hour of its direst need, as a traitor who, having hitherto talked behind the svatchword, "I am a Democrat, " dealt i treacherous blow at the vitáis of his party at the time of its greatest peril; who gave aid and encouragement to our ;oinmon enemy in this imminent crisis af party destiny.


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