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J. ïf. Putnatn,of West Main street, SUlan, is building a fine new resideaee. Mrs. Frank Fowler, of 210 E. Forest cavewue, Ypsilanti, died last Thursday afteiriiooi) . She had been ill for a long Ciaae. A trotting association has been oranized at Willis, and a track will be ütted up on a piece of land leased from C. 6. Finney. Our neighbor, Milán, has a boom on. Painters are making the old new, aud ■-arpenters are building new. Ten housand dollars of new building is now under way and as much more is in sight. Fred Widmayer, of Manchester, has purchased the Gwinner block and lot, corner of Exchange and Clinton streets for $1,500. This lot has a frontage on -exchange place of 33 feet and extends hack 180 feet to the alley. It is a good bargaiu. John V. Seeley and wiie, of Ypsi.'.anti, celebrated the i'ourth anniversary -of tlieir wedding on April 20th. Mr. Edwin Phelps. of Pontiac, who served as roomsmau on the happy occasion forty years ago was with thern and many happy memories of ye olden time were revived. The Ladies' Aid Society of Pittsfleld ■will hold their next meeting at the ne of Mis. Charles Roberts. May 3. : aapper will be f urnished by the mem'bers, and there will be an admission fee of ten cents. The John Bird farm in Augusta township, east half of northwest quartec of section 10, bas been sold to Thos. Roberts, who purchased it for his son Fred. He pays $3,000 for it. A Milán young woman broke a tooth .receutly eating soup. That must have ipretty tough soup. and Mrs. Charles Armington, of Mikm, are the happy joint proprietors of a fine new daughter. She took up her =abode with them on the 23rd inst. Last week H. H. Fulcher, of Milan, inished delivering $3,000 of nursery stock. John Lutz and Miss Ada M. Tucker were married at the Baptist parsonage b Saline on April 25th. They are now located on the old farm southwest of Saline. Charles M. Fairchild, who beams upon customers from behind the counter of Fairchild Brothers, at Ypsilanti, beams brighter than ever recently, all on account of his having taken unto himself a wife in the person of Miss ííillie M. Shipman. Dr. Ryan, of the Methodist church, offlciated. The avent occurred last Tuesday. Abe Anthony, of Clinton, believes in the scriptural injunction, "if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out and cast it irom thee." Accordingly he recently üssd a sightless eye which was affectág the good eye removed at Ann Arfeor. He is doing weli. Tiie following persons will offlcer the M. E. Sunday school of Chelsea the eiisuing year: Superintendent, Miss ''ttie Stoims: assistant superintend■atii, Kev. Ij. ■'. Moon: secretary.Miss a Armstrong: assistant secretary, L. llill; librarían, Miss Sadie Speer; assistant librarían. George Taylqr; pianist, Miss Edith Congdon: assistant pianist, Miss Xellie Congdon; treasurer. Miss Kate Hooker; missionary treasurer, Miss Flora Kempf. Huron Lodge, I. O. O. F., of Dexter, entertained Hamburg Lodge last even-, and exemplified some degree work. A. Gabel, of Whittaker, was worki ng, one day recently, on his ne,w house wiih one oí Únele Sam's notes of the tesi dollars denomination in his pocket, that is he supposed it.was there. When he got home, however, that pocket fa,iled to give up the green. Therefore the said Gabel became blue. On his .ssfern to the scène of the previous .ñ&f's labor, however, he was made to iejoice more over the ten which he found than aver the ninety and nine whieh he never had. Afterallthe good advice we have iven, Will II. Ostrander. of London, 'jpand got married, on April 25th toMiss Ruby Tabor, of Willis. Rev Oías. B. Case, of Stoney Creek, tied em1 May they live happy and prosperous. And thus they go, two by two, Mr Ed. W. Blackmer and Miss Mattie Tripp, both of Milan, started down the stream of life last Tuesday on board ■ the matrimonial craft with colors flyïng and everybody happy and wishing -them a happy and prosperous sail f ree from squalls. Rev. Joseph Swindt handled the cordage and securely tied the happy young couple in the presence of relatives and friends. They are a most popular couple with all who know them. They will spend some days in Detroit and Toledo and will be at iiome next Thursday. A Milan correspondent of the Leader ;s "agin'" the caniues of that village because they make it a little exciting for pedestrians who go out on the streets by tearing clothing for the purpose of getting a taste of the sweet flavored anatomy of the Milaneese. A SBiall thing for a great big human to wïsh to have, the whole lot of valuable rlogs exterminated for doing. J. L. Denison, corner of Hamilton and Pearl streets, Ypsilanti, has purcfaased the Munsou property adjoining :&jr the sum of $1,500. The person who left a whisky flask tra the steps of The Commercial office last Monday night, will be welcome to come and getit. The bottle was empty. - Ypsilanti Commercial. No doubt the bottle is empty, but was it empty? .ís the question. Tiie "banner store" in Manchester, owned by Mack & Schmid, of Ann Arbor, has been sold to Walter Mack. Mr. Schmid flnds his position of deputy revenue collector needs more time vtban he can give it and also attend to -i,.tore. The goods will be closed oat 'á'c OEce, but the store will probabbe continued with a new stock of , goods The Washtenaw Baptist association X) raeet with the Baptist church of ïtüie place Wednesday and Thursday, ty2and3. Large delegations from all the churches in the association are expected. Many speakers from other ïrts of the state will be present. The Wednesday evening session is to be in charge of the young people's organizatwn; Rev. T. B. Caldwell, of Detroit, aui Bev. E. M. Stephenson, of Jackawsa, will deliver addresses.- Ypsilanti 'ommercial. The ladies of the Eastern Star 1 1 Tecumseh are out with a subscription aper trying to raise f unds to buy the 'uniishings for the new Masóme temple. Frank Hogan, of Clinton, has gone ;o Chicago to take charge of a ticket broker business which he recently )urchased of D. H. Silvers. He is at 272 South Clark street. It was loaded. What was loaded? ïhat dynamite cartridge which young ieorge Iliggett, a 14-year old boy at the Hammond farm just north of Ypsilanti was fooling with the other day. ïeorge now has one less finger than ie had then. Clinton has a valuable industry in he Clinton Plow company. The genlemen composing it are hustlers and ;hey have a fine business. More than d huudred dealers in this state handle their plow, besides large sales in Pennsylvania, Indiana au4 Ohio. Whenever their goods come in corapetition with other leading plows, they seem to lave no difficulty in holding their own. There is no doubt but that they mauufactui-e a tirst-class plow in every reSDect. We have just learned that Mr. John S. Doe, of San Francisco, died in January last, worth a million of dollars, rhis is of interest to our readers from the fact that by his will bis wife wlll receive $500 per month during her life;ime, and their Infant child was willed the same amount; and the furtherfact that his vvidow was formerly the wife of Mr. E. C. Hoyt, nee Miss Ella II. Guest, who was born in Dexter and whose home was here until after the death of her father, Albert Guest, in 1886. - Dexter Leader. The funeral of Mrs. B. L. Baxter, which was held at the residence Monday afternoon, was attended by a large concourse of her old ueighbors and acquaintances. Among those present trom abroad were H. M. Cheever of Detroit; H. G. Selfridge and Mrs. L. F. Selfridge of Chicago; Mrs. E. S. Newberry of Jackson; Mrs. W. S. Carey of Adrián. Her only children, Mr. Frank Baxter of Athens, Ga., and Mrs. Jas. Winans, of Toledo, both arrived here before their mother's demise and were present at the fnneral obsequies. - Tecumseh Herald. Fremont Pattison was out with his unicycle yesterday, and created considerable amusement as he rode along River street. While he proposes eventually to propel it by some power hung in the gearing, he had temporarily rigged it for foot propulsión. The wheel is about seven feet high, with an inner rim about four and a half feet in diameter. Inside of this rim is a friction wheel geared to the usual treadles. The rider is perched upon a saddle within the inner rim, and guides his wheel by inclining it in the direction he desires to take. It is "Monte's"' intention to ride to Detroit today.- Ypsilanti Sentinel. Sammy McClure, of Tecumseh, went into tüe planinct mili of Temple, McClure & Co. a week ago Saturday to do a little work for üiniself . He was engaged in making a box for his harp and in sawing it in two, held the box in such a way as to prevent his seeing the buzzsaw. He continued to push the box against the saw until he saw the end of a little finger and the two next to it lying in the saw dust, when he began to take an inventory of himself. He found he lacked just that much of the make up of a complete boy. Not being quite satisfied with the surgery of the buzz saw, he called on Drs. Jenkins and North and they finished the job in a more workmanlike manner by taking the three iingers off at the middle joint. Sammy was quite a musician but this accident will interfere somewhat with his practice in future. A serious fire occurred in the southwest part of Saline township one week ago last Thursday when the barns and most of the personal property of Peter Snauble was destroyed. The fire occurred about midnight or a little after tliat time. Whendiscovered, the barn was ablaze f rom top tobottom. When Mr. Snauble got to the barn he found his four horses lying dead in their stalls, all but ten of sixty sheep were ■ dead and these ten were running about in great agODy as their wool was on fire. Five cows were tied in their stable. But one of these perished. The barn also coutained 500 bushels of wheat, 100 bushels of oats, some com and 10 tons of hay, together with wagon, buggy, harness, tools and implements of various kinds. The property was insured in the Washte.naw Germán Insurance company. The loss, however, will be considerable. Mr. Snauble supposes the fire must have been caused by tramps, as he returned home between 10 and 11 o'clock atnight and put out his horse without a light of any kind, and at that hour every thing was all right. Carlos Ailen had a Fourth of July celebration last Friday afternoon. He tried to outrun six pounds of exploding dynamite, but was beaten two to one. 'This is about how it was: He was pulling stumps with dynamite (blast the stumps! says he). He had planted a cartridge iñ a likely looking old stump, and lighted the fuse; then picking up his box of dynamite cartridges in one hand and bis toren in the other he proceeded hastily to leave the vicinity of the expected explosión. In the meantime, while his wary eye was watching the burning fuse in the stump, the gentle spring zephyrs had noiselessly conveyed a spark from the torch to a fuse attaehed to the cartridges in the box in his hand, which likewise contained six pounds of blowem-hi. Ed Dalrymple, a farm hand, seeing that a commotion not down on the program was about to take place, yelled to Mr. Allen to drop his box and skedaddle. He did so, but was too late to get out of range. When but a few feet away there was an explosión that shook the earth to the very foundation- likewise Mr. Allen. He was blown full of sticks, stones, airu, waus of clothing, etc. Gettyburg was nowhere! The Detroit riot wasn t a circumstance compared with it! The torch hasnt been found yet; neither has the zephyr; but Mr. Allen was found just where he was picked up a few moments after. The surgeon was called, and after spending two or three hours had cleaned out and dressed more than a score of wounds, more or less severe, but none fatal. The explosión was plainly heard four or flve miles away, many here in town declaring that it made the windows rattle. Mr. Allen is getting along nicely.- Milan Leader. Chelsea is booming this season in the way of putting up uew buildings. New buildings are going up in the burued district and in addition there are ten or more others either under way or in eontemplation. Good times for her mechanics. Kemp & Poeklington have the con tract for building the new Masonic temple at Tecumseh. Their bid was $8,134.37. Their contract does not include the basement and foundation walls. Adding the cost of these the buiding will cost $8.700. A business card at Dexter calis attention to a firm of physicians and surgeons, composed of John Lee and John W. Lee, father and son. Dr. Lee, Jr., is a recent gradúate of the Detroit medical college frorn which he graduated with high honors. Although one of the youngest members in his ciass, liis record for scholarship was so high tliat he was graduated without the usual final examinations. With such a proniising start he will undoubtedly niake his mark in the medical profession.


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