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Senator Stockbridge's Career

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Francis B. Stockbridge was bom in Bach, Me., April 9, 1826. He received his early education at the public school in his native place, and at the age of 16 years he accepted a clerkship in a dry goods store in Boston. He remained there until 1847, when he removed to Chicago, where he opened up the lumber firm of Carter & Stockbridge. He was ver y successful in this adventure and remained in the business until 1853, when he removed to Allegan county, where he had a number of sawmills. He tben oame to this city in 1874 and has ever since made Kalamazoo his home. Shortly after his removal he became connected wlth the firm of O. R. Johnson & Company, a lumber firm. Soon after he became a member of the Mackinac Lumber company, and in 1875 was elected president of the company. Three years afterward he founded and became president of the Black River Lumber company. In 1877 he organized the Kalamazoo Spring and Axle company, of which he was also president. He is a member of the Fopt, Bragg Lumber company of California and is a large owner of Mississippi pine lands; he is also largely interested in the S. A. Browne & Company stockfarm. In 1869 Mr. Stockbridge was elected to represent Allegan county in the state legislature and after completing his term was elected to the state senate. In both houses he was distinguished for his tact as an organizer, his calui insight and prudence as a manager, and his great ability in committee work of every form. In 1887 he was elected United States senator. He served with marked ability on several committees and was the chairman of the committee on fisheries, which was of great importance. He has served on census, epidemie diseases, Indian affairs, railroad and naval affairs committees. Though a sturdy Republican, yet Senator Stockbridge was considérate for political opinions of others, and by no means a narrow partiaan. In 1893 he was re-elected to the senate by the state legislature and a year ago last March took his seat in that body for the term ending 189Ö, The senator wa3 married in 1863 to Miss Betsey Arnold of Gun Plain, Allegan county. Their social and domestic relations had ever been most pleasant. He was a member of the Protestant Episcopal church. and president of Kalamazoo Children's home. His fortune is estimated at over a million.


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