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Destructive Fire

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Fust, May 1.- Probably the most estructive fire which ever visited Jenesee county took place early Monay rnorning, laying waste the larger art of the business portion of Daviaon, ibout nine mile9 east of this city. 'wenty business blocks and residencea were wholly destroyed and half a dozen more were rendered almost entirely seless. In nearly every case the con;ents of the buildings were entirely detroyed. The fire started in a drug store owned y Thomas Dugan at 2 a. m. The ames spread with terrible rapidity, reisting all efïorts of the local fife de)artment to check their progress. At a. m. the Flipt fire department arived. By thie time the fire had spread n two different directions. and frame building after frame building feil a rey to the flames. The loss will be not far from 50.000, with about 25,000 iusurance. On acount of the high rate the poorer fire ufïerers carried uo msurance, and iheir destitution and want is something pitiful.


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