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Pass that tariff bill. The country is im...

Pass that tariff bill. The country is im... image
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Pass that tariff bill. The country is im patiënt of delay. The coinage executed at the United States raints during the month of April was, gold, 10,184,000; silver, $554, 000; five cent pieces, $12,500. Those senators whom the courtesy of the senate has dubbed "conservatives" should be reminded by the outraged people of the states which they misrepresent that public office is a public trust instead of a snap whereby they can gamble on "change" by means of the "tips" received through the key holes of committee-rooms. The democrats of Mahoning and Columbiana counties, Ohio, in convention, assembled at East Liverpool, severely censured Senator Brice for his opposition to the principies upon which the victory of 1892 was won. These resolutions were not the mere caprice of the moment, but the sober second thought of the people in their strong feeling against his recent acts toward the tariff bilí . The country will be through with him at the end of his term as senator. Senator Mills in his recent great speech on the tariff showed that our labor is the cheapest in the world and that of England is next. According to his statistics the labor cost of $ 1,800 worth of product here in $347; while in England it is #486; in France, $604; in Germany, #535. There are two ways of looking at this question and there is wherein many people are deceived by the specions arguments of the protectionists. Wages in our country when measured by the rate are the highest in the world, but when measured by the product they are the lowest. More than ordinary interest was manifested in the congressional pay roll, which feil due on May 4th. This was on account of the fact that members of the house of representatives then had their first experience with the new wrinkle of "docking" members for time lost through absence except it be for illness. Up to the day the monthly salaries became due, 100 members had 'filed no certifícate showing the time lost. Of those filing certificates, six days was the greatest amount of lost time acknowledged by any. A few certified to the loss of one or two days, but by far the greater number certified that they had not been absent at all. One entire state delegation certified that no time had been lost through absence, although it was known that three of its members had been absent the greater part of the month. According to the certificates filed the deductions for absenteeism will be small. It is said that the papers filed by members are interesting documents. The reporting of absence is made purely a matter of honor, henee members feel in duty bound to report their absence. Still, not wishing to lose a portion of their salaries, many of them covered both sides of their reports with elabórate excuses, hoping in this way to receive full pay while at the same time admitting absence. The only excuse recognized by the stat-ute under which the recent action of the house was taken is illness, and of course the Sergeant-at-Arms notes only the statement of absence and does not pass at all upon the labored excuses of members. The law was originally passed with the view of securing the attendance of members whose sense of obligation to their constituents was not such as to hold 1 them in their places for the proper performance of their congressional duties. It remained a dead letter, however, until the present congress, when it was revived on account of the great amount of absenteeism. i It is a good law and should be enforced.


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