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About $2,000 worth of crosswalks have be...

About $2,000 worth of crosswalks have be... image
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About $2,000 worth of crosswalks have been ordered. The lady Maccabees hold a social next Thursday evening. Ross Granger brings out living whist in Jackson next week. The nickel-in-the-slot machines have been ordered out of the saloons Saturday. The county pioneer society meets in Ypsilanti, at the M. E. church, on June 13. The motor started up Sunday, after a week's shut down, on account of a washout. Prof. Francis W. Kelsey is building a large house, on Tappan street, and will put an elevator in the house, Dr. Dell has purchased one of the finest Shetland ponies ever brought to this city. It is only three feet in height. The ladies of the M. E. church met in the church parlors this afternoon with scissors and needies for missionary work. The fire department was out Saturday to put out a lamp which exploded in a house on the corner of Jefferson and First streets. The Humane society of Kalamazoo report 373 arrests and convictions for cruelty. The good work is having its effect. The Ann Arbor high school ball team defeated the Normals at Ypsiti Saturday afternoon by a score of 21 to 11. Norris occupied the box for the high school's. A reception to Mr. Samuel Langsdorf was held at the Keystone club house at Zukey lake Saturday evening. An enjoyable time was promised and the promises were fulfilled. William P. James, of North Main street, is having a three thousand dollar house erected on his property at the corner of Packard and State streets. Masons are now at work on the foundation walls. The Harkins homestead, an old landmark on the corner of Main and Felch streets, is being torn down, and its site will be occupied by a new building. The house was built about forty years ago. City Clerk Miller received a letter this morning from President Ledyard, of the Michigan Central, in which the road declines to keep the overhead bridge at the foot of Detroit street in repair, claiming that all they are obligated to keep in repair is the abutments. The eleventh annual encampment of the Michigan división, Sons of Veterans, will be a delégate encampment and the place to be held is Three Rivers, June 19, 20, 21. All the hotels offer reduced rates, and good accommodations can be had at from $1.00 to $2.00 per day. President J. W. Bashford, of the Ohio Wesleyan university, lectured Sunday evening in the Methodist church on "Christianity in Education." This was the last lecture in Wesleyan Guild course. The subject was handled in a thoughtful and scholarly manner. He gave a concise history of the origin, development and work of the comraon school. He claimed the idea originated with Calvin, was adopted by John Knox who put it in operation in Scotland, from where it was taken to Sweeden, this to Holland and the Hollanders carried it to Brooklyn, New York. In all this work up to that time the school work went hand in hand with the teaching of Christianity. He also traced the history and development of the public school from the adoption of the constitution down to the present time in a most interesting and scholarly manner. He is evidently a strong believer in this peculiarly American institution.


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