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The "Omega" went to the printer last week. The advanced classes in Geometry ïnished work last week and commenced the final six weeks review in Algebra. The tennis courts which have Deen fixed by the Athletic association are now ready for use and can De used by any meraber of the association. Prof. Perry entertained the members of the S. C. A. at his home on E. Washington street last Friday. There were a large number there, including most of the teachers, and a pleasant evening was spent. The Superintendent always takes a special interest in the S. C. A. and is one of our kindest advisors. Te election of the officers of the Athletic association last Thursday resulted as follows: President, Frank Brown; vice-president, Sam Osgood; secretary, V. C. Vaughan; treasurer, F. A. Emerick; board of directors, Miss Knowlton, '95; D. F. Vosburg, 95, R. N. Anderson, '95; W. T. Bain, '95; M ss Spence, '96; Mr. Bruegel, '96; Miss Green and L. T. Tilton, '96; football captain, P. VV. Corbusier; superintendent of tennis, Henry Danforth; baseball manager, Geo. Shanks; superintendents of track athletics, L. P. Jocelyn; board of control, A. L. Davis, E. L. Norris and three of the faculty. The semi-annual election of the officers of the S. C. A occurred last Friday afternoon. The devotional part of the meeting was led by the out going president, Mr. Weinstein, with the subject "What God is to His People.'1 The election resulted as follows: President, Miss Edith Benjamin; ist vice-president, Mr. Will Mack; 2d vice-president, Miss Mella Taylor; secretary, Miss St. John; treasurer, Mr. McNaughton; Bulletin editor, Mr. Fred Wright; pianist, L. L. Renwick. The new officers assume control at once so as to get acquainted with the work before the close of the year.


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