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in AtfraGtive Line ! OF MILLINERY! [n the latest fashiona. I have an in iinite variety of fine Flowers and Trimmed and Untrimmed Ilats. CALL AND SEE THEM. MRS. A. M. OTTO, Dor. 4th Ave. and E. Wash. LOUIS KOUDE, CoalandWood Lebigh Valley ('n;l. 86 50 per ton. Beech and Maple Blocks, S2Í20 a cord. lieeeli and Maple, 4 feet, $5.00 a cord. Main Offn i 36 E. Hnron Street. Yards- 5" West Huron Street. MWantMoney? ora Home? Want Work? ora Wani to opbii (i store In a growlng town? Want ___ to raiae llTe stoet? Wan1 toknow liow to buy iinproved farms in a uffil well aettled reglón without payyy mr i-asliV Part Iculars and publlcatlons sent free by F. I. WHIT-- - NET, St. Paul, Minn. Michigan (Tentral " Ihe Niágara Falls Route." TIME TA IJLE (Re v sed) APRIL 15, 1894. CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. a :888 :gs?! : .oo : - - l.' ' : s es p, ! ; a ; o, ; T? IQNfiioionifidia !fiï:2t -t--L?eo i ;-wri-tif-iHïiirï aj :o ,-h - o r- cc ï aa ; : : ss sa a a TTi : : = = ES : '. : : B n S'g : : .3 : :sg te 38 SS : : :8S k "" ! : ;5 : :s'" e cc"-1 :" i i !NO na : ■ ï3g ja SS ; : ; .! a gSï ■ [SS ;sa S Lc? : ;S : ; ;SS ei 00 ■ ■ 01 3: ■ o -j , oj ! ! o !-( 8 aa !: :E3 k ga: :;;am s & : ; : as s ; ■ ; ; c , a ; : :ga ;i"5 gg :gS ;gg o-v ■ . .-; ;'-- c'J ; j ;Q0(M . aa e's aa s a - ti - ai OS O. i I il i 1 I O.W. RUÖWLE8, H. W HAYE8, G. P. & T. Aíeiit, Chicago. Ag't Ano Ar"or. Notice of Drain Letting. OTICK IS HBKEBY Gl VEN, Tliat I, Daniel J-' v. Itarry, Coun v Draln Commlssioner ol' the Co Bty ,í " astiienaw, stuteof Mii-liiirau, rjll, onthe 24t li day of -May, A. D. 1HR4, at the lower end of Ditoh in the township ot' Siiline, ut ten O'oloek in the forenoon of tbat ihiy, proceed to receivc tiids for the Qonstruotlon of a certaln drain knovvn and desifr;iieiiHs"ilii' -almeRlver Draln," locateci in the sald townslik's of Saline umi Bridgewater. and described as foliows, to-wit : Commenciny on the town line hetween Saline and Brl'igewater, 30 ohains N. of the S. W cornei ol sectlon 18, town 4, S of range 5 E.runnnm 1 lience N 88 .Vjrrees, El lSuliiiins, thence N 32 degrees, E Ï3.60. thencie S 88 degrees, E 6.50 chainB, thence S S0 degrees, E 4 ehains, thence X Wl degrees. E 12 chalas, thence N ;H (!■ pires, E ." chaina, thenee N flu degrees, BB cliaiug, thence N 80 degreea, Elu ohains, theuce N 4ï degrees, K "1 chalDs, theoce N 78 degrees, E 8 chaina, thenoe N 75 degrees. E 2U obainx, thence N ñi derees.E 7 eliams, thenoe N HO degrees, E 18 ohains, 1 henee N 19 deifrees, east 12 ohains, thence N 11 degrees, K 9 chains, thence 33 degreea E 13 chafas, thence N" 17 degrees, B is chains, thence N fi6 degrees, E 22 chains, 1 heneo N41 degrees, E 1 chains, Said drain is to be 12 ft. wide on botton) front lower end np to the cast line of land ownerl by.lohn Laye.r, the balance t o be 8 n. wide. Total length of diaiu 840 roda. Said job wlll be let by seotions. Thesection at the outlei of the draln wlll be let lirt, and the H'iiiainiii'; sectlon in their order up stream, iD accordance with ihe diagram now onfllewith ihe ot hor papers oertaipinï tosaid drain. in the ulliee of the Commissioner, to whieli refen nee may be bad by all parties intereetedan hidswill be made and received according" . Contracts will be made with the Lowesi responhible bidder giving adequate security tor the performance of the work in a su ni liien and there to be Hxed by me, reserving tomyselithe rJghl to reject any and all bids. Tne date for the eonipletion (jf sucb contrae', and the terma ol payment therefor. shallbe announcedatthetune and place of Irtl iliL Notice Is fiirtherhereby (fiven, That at tbi timeni fl place of aiii letting, or at such other tnae and place thereafter to whloh T, the Im it Uoniuiissiouer aforesaid, may adJourfT the sume, the asse.sments Cor beneflts and Li lands '(t 'i . eö witbin the "Saline Kivi r : ■ .in Sjr ;:,! -■.■.-munt District," will be aubjtícj to iei The i. !'; lim a ilefeription of the M'Vernl ir paioela ot land constituting the i f riet of saiil (ruin. viz: Salii 1 L'ownslnp: W % N 'j set'. : H CÍE % sec, 8; W % SE Jisec. 1 ' , iei . 17; sec 8; KI al part of S E rt 0 ' N '■' east ir lilgbway, ö a; tbat iart: E side N lies BOUtb of diteh, N and V, Piirt N 17; 12 a on north end of riuit pai M w ' . sec. 17, which , SW Ü N E ' 1 sec. 17: N ' N W ■ N i 15a west Bide N BH N il ■ 1 N W ser IK: SE', S w '■■ ser. -. N E ! , N W '4 sec. U S W Va S 1 S end s w i N c 17; 18 :. S en.i E ! , N W h B 1 which Hes west oí highway; 8 10 a ol W . N . ■ ■ . leóf Nl8aol Bec. 18; ■ 18; N B ■, N E '4 sec. 18; W a N W part of S 1 : sec. -18; that pari west of ditoh W w '., seo, 17; 'liat p t Kof ditch W ', S W ., sec. 17; 8 a S E corner E ' ■ m 11 . o. 17; in ;i S end W : W i; S E ', sec. 17: i Bec. 6; N ■ ■ K'. ! , - E % E Vi M r townshlp: N E i N i: ', Mril: i' . Se .d SE W8 E 54S6C.13; S E BH sec! - of K ' i X E '. sec. 13; N ', S E V , S E '. Beo. .1 S E' 8 IC '; ■■■. 18; B E N E , sec.: andalsotbu lowiiVhipsof Saline and liiiil water ui larue. lai' d, bis sevi Dl h day of May, A. D. 1894. EL W. BAÜRY, Counl ' Draln CommiSBloner ol t In Couaty of Washtenaw. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. The cream of the country papers is found in Remington's County Seat Lists. Shrewd advertisers avail themselves of these lists, a copy of which can be had of Kemington Bros., of New Tork & Pittsburg.


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