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The Castahan of '94 is the finest publication ever gotten out by the students of the University. It possesses literary merit, and shows a vast araount of intelligent work on the part of its board of editors. It is a good sized volume of 308 large pages., Many of the pages are devoted to half tone illustrations which form one of the great features of the work. Photogravures are given of Judge Cooley, Prof. A. A. Stanley, and of J. W. Waterman, the raain donor of the gymnasium. Half tones of all the University buildings and many campus and river scènes are given. A sketch of the lamented Dr. C. L. Ford accompanies a half tone made from his last portrait. The alumni department ïncludes biographies and f uil page half tone cuts of Hon. Don M. Dickinson, Hon. T. W. Palmer, Mrs. Alice Freeman Palmer, Hon. W. E. Quinby, Mrs. Mary Sheldon Barnes, Charles Francis Brush, the electrician, Miss Katharine Coman, President C. K. Adams, and Miss Octavia Bates. There is a well filled story department, while the poetry department is numerous and good. Full page half tones of the board of regents and of the very many class officers, boards of editors, athletic and other organizations of the University, are given. In fact there are half tones of 277 different persons in the book. The grinds are very numerous and much cleaner than usual, and are also well illustrated. The craze for illustrations extends to the advertisements, many of which are beautified by half tones. The work was printed at the Argus office, and the office is receiving many compliments on the typographical appearance of the book.


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