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W. C. T. U. Convention

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Arrangements for the W. C. T. U. convention which will be held next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdayand Friday in the Presbyteriarfchurch of this city, are about finished, and complete programs will soon be distributed. From 250 to 300 delegates are expected. Fine talent in all departments of W. C. T. U. work has been secured, and all the meetings will be interesting and instructive. Rev. Henrietta G. Moore's lecture on Thursday evening, and John G. Woolley's lecture on Friday evening, will be especially fine. All who would like an opportunity to meet the state officers and delegates are invited to attend the reception Wednesday evening at 6:30. At 7:30 a literary and musical program will be given in the auditorium. The music will be by a quartette and the Ann Arbor Zither club, under the direction of Prof. R. H. Kempf. The literary part of the program will consist of the following addresses, and readings by Mrs. Thos. C. Trueblood: W C. T. U. Acrostic. Triplets for Temperance and Truth. W.-Women, Work, White-ribboners. We wage our peaceful war "For God, and Home, and Native Land." Rev. F. M. White. C. - Children, Christianity, Country. "If we save the Children today, we have saved the Nation tomorrow." Supt. W. S. Perry. T. - Time, Talents, Teetotalism. "Total Abstinence for the Individual; Total Prohibition for the Nation," Prof. J. B. Steere. U. - Union, University, Unity. "The héroes of the past cannot fight the battles of todav." Judge x Cheever. Pres. Angelí has kindly tendered an invitation to the convention delegates to visit the University. Mrs. E. R. Greene, of Detroit, State Superintendent of " Loyal Temperance Union" work, will meet the children of the city in the audience room of the Baptist church on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. She will give an illustrated talk. All the children of the city are cordially invited to be present.


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