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Weak, Nervous And Diseased Men

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- - - " -"■ ■■ m u ■ - r V ■■■■ V T M t !■■■■ VH ■■ ■ Thousands of íwn7 anrï MH'Up. Aged Men aro annually swept to a prömatu re gravö throngh early indiscr. tion .rd later excesos. Solf abuse and Constitcrtional Blood Distases hivo ruined and wrecked the lifo of many a promising young man. Have you Sy ot the followiiiii Symptoms: Nervous and Despondent; Tired in Morning; No Ambi(m; Memory Poor; Earfly F .tigued: Excitable and Irritable; Eyes Blor; Pimples on Ö Face; üroams anl Drains at Nifjht; Kestless; Haggard Looking; Blotehfls; Sore TttTbat; Hair Loose; lJHiua in Body; iiunkec Bye9; Lifeless; üistrostfnl and Laek of Enferiy and títrength. üur NewMeth'jd Trtalmeni wiil build you up mentaüy, phyöioally and sexnally. X' SS DRS, KENNEDY_& KERGAN „Hl6 jwi " At yerir8 of ag0 learne1 a had habit which almost rnined tó!' Y me. I became nervous and weak. My back tronbled me. I conld vj, gLl& stand no exertion. Head and eyea became dull. Dreams and „ v drains at night weakened me. I triedseven Medical Firms, ElecWsi -tP r' e'ts' Patent Medicines and Family Doctors. They gave me igaprN, ÍÉs no help. A. f riend advised me to try Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. They K1-ctW sent me one month's treatment and it cured me. I could fee! rVSfia mS'se Siaining every day. Tkeir New Method Treatmcnt curia vhen Curoü in one umU "il else fails." They have cured many of my friends." Dr. Monlton. "Il m mmijiMi mm. I ■ 'uK' "Some 8 yeara ago I contracted a serions constitntional blood v f JmM 'sease' 1 went to Hot Springs totreat forsyphilis. Mercary almost i jö m ec After a while the symptoma again appeared. Throat ' 'lñ Jë l)?cae sore, pains in limbs, pimples on face, blotches, eyes red, ■'t L -Jf oss a'r' g'aQds enlarged, etc. A medical friend advised Drs. Z T=í?5y Kennedy & Kergan's New Method Treatment. It cared me, and I have v '1k na(i n0 syniptoms for ftve years. I am married and happy. As a 2á=Tite doctor, I heartily recomend it to all who have this terrible disease - Cnrea o yeai ago. sypiilis." It will eradicate the poison from the blood." cTd 15 YEARS IN DETROIT. 150.000 CURED. ï vÊs i am " year9 of age, and married. When youne I led a J-TH!1 Ser W Ray e' arly indiscretions and later excesses made tronble $'l iw "f for me. I became weak and nervoas. My kidneys became ft ' affected and I feared Bright's disease. Married lif 3 was unsatisfjj K" üi factory and my home unhappy. I tried everything- all failed till iw[ ? )w ffN I took treatment from Drs. Kennedy and Kergan. Their New (V -K Method built me up mentally, physically and sexually. I feel -,liC"-"]'1$isg3 and act like a man in every respect. Try them." ?öh? m' Ho Names "sed Without Written =f Consent of Patiënt. Cuied intime. ' Oiip Npw Molhnrl Troatmont nevor faüs in caring Diseasea of men. UUT lieW meinOU l reaimeni . strengthens the body, stops all drains and loases, purifies the blood, clears the brain, builda ap the nervoaa and sexaal systems and restores lost vitality to the body. We Gnarantee to Cure Ncrvous nehlllty, Fallinsr Hanhood, Syphllis, Varlcocele, trlcture, Gleet, Vnnatural i I scliurtí ea, weak Parts ana All KiUney and Bladder Diseases. Qrl jrftjl n CD Kennedy & Kergan are the leading specialiats of n F IVir IV1 tir 11 America. They gaarantee to cure or no pay. Their repuHlilflblflHkll tation and fifteen years of business are at stake. xon run no risk. Wnte them for an honest opinión, no matter who treated you. It may save you years of regret and suffering. Charges reasonable. Write for a Qucstion List aud Kook Free. Consultation Free 0 DRS. KENNEDY&KlRGAN.'glg.


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