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He Was Smooth

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Detroit, May 16.- James R. DeWitt, alias James R. Winslow. one of the raast polislied crooks and forgers in t he United States, passed a spurious check on Quartus A. Graves, one of the proprietors of the Cadillac hotel, lst Saturday, and Tuesday tnorning he vis ariested by two of Inspector McLaughlin's men in New York city on a telegram from Superintendent of Pólice Starkweather. DeWitt. registered at the Cadillac Friday night. He is a tall man with one arm, and his soldierly bearing attracted the attention of the guests at the hotel. He proved himself to be a clever conversationalist and his engaging manner won the confidente of Mr. Graves. An ironclad rule with Mr. Graves is that he will not cash checks for strangers. but DeWitt presen ted his check in such a businesslike and matter-of-fact stylethatMr. Graves thought it perfectly safe to advance the amount of money asked tor. The check purported to be drawn on the National Bank of Coinmerce in New York city and called for 180. Mr Graves agreed to give DeWitt 50 on the spot and the balance as soon as he satisfied himself that the check was all right. DeWitt told him to telegraph Charles H. Moffat of 287 Broadway, New York, a dealer in electrical supplies, by whoru the check was drawn, and he would soon find out that it was as good as the gold. Within a reasonable length of time Mr. Graves telegraphed Moffat and received the reply that DeWitt was not known there. Mr. Graves at once carne to the conclusión that he had got the worst of it. He. immediately communicated with Chief of Pólice Starkweather who notified the New York authorities and Mr. DeWitt was arrested upon his arrival in that city. Mr. Graves lef t for New York to identify his rnan.


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