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The School of Masic has telephone No. 137. The council holds a regular meeting next Monday evening. A lodge of the Eastern Stars is to De organized in this city. Remember the great May Musical Festival today and tomorrow. Five new members were elected to the Light Infantry last evening. The prhibition county convention svill be held on Friday, May 25. William Biggs has two large hous;s on Elm street nearly completed. An ice-cream social will be given ;n the fifth ward chapel this even-ng. A chimney fire on Detroit street :alled out the fire department, Wednesday. Schuh & Muehlig will put in the Steam heating in the new Zion Lutheran church. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Granger gave a :losing party to their students in iancing last evening. 1 I The Choral Union tickets are ;ood for the entire series of con:erts in the May Festival. Herman Hardinghaus is building i $5, 000 residence on Kingsley st., between Thayer and Ingalls streets. A party of little friends went to :he water works yesterday to help celebrate Harold Spokes' birthday. The sermón in the M. E. church lext Sunday will be on "Idles of the Theater, the Market, the Den and :he Tribe. James A. Robison, formerly deputy county clerk here, has been ;lected business manager of the Detroit Philharmonic club. The county fair managers are getting up a big guarantee fund which ivill assure the payment in full of all :he premiums to the county fair. St. Thomas Conservatory of Music will hold their eighth grand musical festival in the opera house, June 7, and will prove a very fine musical attraction. Dr. D. A. MacLachlan was elected vice-president of the State Homeopathic Society at its meeting in Battle Creek this week, and Dr. Mack was elected treasurer. The Courier announces that the saloons were closed Sunday. Are we to understand from this that the Courier thinks they have been open Sundays for the past year or so. The Choral Union season tickets will admit to the Festival Concerts under the following conditions: The 5th ticket will admit to the Symphony Concert, Friday evening; the 6th to Saturday evening; the head of ticket to the Orchestral Matinee. Miss Mate Clark, who spent the winter with relatives and friends in Chicago and Toledo, returned to her home at 48 N. Main street on the ist of May. She expects to eave for Portland, Oregon, soon, to visit her brother, Mr. K. H. J. Clark. Ann Arbor court of Foresters has been organized in the city with the following ofrtcers: C. D. H. C. R., W. B. Phillips; C. R., R. C. McAllaster; V. C. R., W. F. Stimson; Ree. Sec'y, W. H. Butler; F. Sec'y, Robert Phillips; Treas., Dr. W. W. Nichols; S. W., Fred O. Martty; J. W., E. C. Spring; S. B., Thomas C. Colbern; J. B., J. F. Wuertle; P. C, J. B. Willis; Chaplain, W. G. Henne; Physician, Dr. E. A. Clark. A lare tree was cut down on the court yard square yesteniay. Trees grow too slowly to be hastily cut down. Miss Anna Kretlow, of this city was married to Dr. Leo Camp, of Ypsilanti, by Rev. Fr. Kelly last Tuesday morning. All members of Arbor tent sick benefit society should be present at the meeting tonight, as important business will be transacted. Ex-Judge Governor Morris, of Monroe, who filled the office of circuit judge in this county for six years, died Saturday, aged eighty five years. Miss Ida W. Tessmer, of this city, was married to J. H. Walker, '92 law, of Chicago, yesterday. Immediately after the wedding the happy couple left for their future home in Chicago. Supt. Slawson, of the Moline, Illinois, public schools, a gradúate of the Michigan University, and a former successful Michigan school man is in the city looking up teachers for the ensuing. year. Senator Jarries H. Morrow, of Adrián, and President Thomas, of Adrián college, were in the city this morning on their way to Ypsilanti, where the Senator takes part in the dedicatory exercises of the new gymnasium. "Isaiah and the Winged Lion" will be the topic of the Rev. E. M. Duff's Bible-talk in St. Andrew's church next Sunday evening. The remaining topics are: "Isaiah in the Hands of Political Critics, - His Testimony to Christ;" and "Isaiah the Martin Luther of Monotheism." The little two year old girl of Fred C. Brown, of the Times, was badly bitten yesterday by a neighbor's dog, which came into the yard where the child was and suddenly grabbed it. It was bitten in the forehead and on top of its head, both bad scalp wounds. Mrs. Emory Leland died yesterday of heart disease at her home in Northfield, aged fifty years. She had been ill for about ten days. She was thè daughter of David Sawyer. Her husband and six children survive her. The funeral will be held at three o'clock Saturday afternoon from the Leland church. A meeting of the democratie county committee was held Wednesday afternoon, at which reports were received of the political feelings in many of the townships. From the talk of the meeting, it is evident that the democrats are waking up to an attempt by the republicans to make political capital out of the hard times which have been caused by republican legislation. An old time, big democratie majority may be looked for in Washtenaw this fall. Rev. C. S. Bullock, president of the Washtenaw County Christian Endeavor Union, will address the Endeavor societies of Ann Arbor Sunday evening, May 20, at 6:15, at the Church of Christ on S. University avenue. Because of this union service the usual young peoples' meetings will not be held at the various churches. There will be a "Pink Tea" in the Congregational church parlors, Thursday evening, given by the Young People's Missionary Society. Preparations are being made to make the occasion an enjoyable one to all, old and young. Excellent music has been provided, and ice cream and cake and strawberries will be served. Admission 1 five cents, which will be the only: charge. The Woman's League gave on Saturday, May 12, a most beautiful musicale at the School of Music. Mrs. Edwards, Miss Cole, Miss 1 ton, Miss Campbell, Miss Colton, j Miss Cranston and Miss Volland were the vocalists, and Miss Kelley and Miss Bates performed upon the piano and violin. Mrs. Alice Merry went through some of the Delsarte movements which were interestsng and graceful, and a list of the new officers was read. On Sunday afternoon, May 20, at 4 o'clock, a series of lectures on living subjects will be commenced by the great apostle of temperance, Rev. Walter EllioU, at the Lake House, Whitmore Lake. Sunday, 4 p. m., subject, "What is the Good of Religión?" Monday evening, 8 o'clock, subject, "Can we get along without the Bible?" Tuesday evening, 8 o'clock, "Intemperance: or, Why am I a Total Abstainer?" Wednesday evening, 8 o'clock, "The Confessional, its Origin and its Use." Thursday evening, 8 o'clock, "Why I am a Catholic." A Query Box will be placed at the entrance to the hall. All questions on moral or religious topics will be answered in an intelligent manner, without offense or abuse to anyone. Admission free. For the Bay View Camp Meeting and Chautauqua Assembly at Bay View, Mich-, July ioth to August i5th, the T., A. A. & N. M. Ry. will make rates of one fare for the , round, trip, tickets for sale at all stations from July (jth to i8th, limited to return until Aug. ióth. . W. H. Bennett, General Passenger Agent.