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A Strange Case

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How an Enemy was FoüeJ. The fcllowinR graphlc statement v pead witii intenselntoreet: "Icai tbenuml). creepysensatlontuitrl.-i 6 aras, h:mfls and ltgs. I had to tvib ai tlio-r parts until they were sore, to o in a mensure the dead feelitia tli-n '. . ■ . ■ possesNion of tliern. lu addltion, I Btrange weakness In my back and valst, together wlth an iBdescribabie ieelinj; in my stomach. PhysieiaDS ■ was creeplng paralysis, from wiich, ei 1ns totheir universal conclusión, lin ,i la i ■ relief. Once it iastens upon a person, i' . say, it continúes its.insidious pr. it reaches a vital point and the (i s. 8uch was my prospect. I had been da a year and a half steadily, but wiih qo pi fticular benefit, when I saw an advernsement of Ur Miles' Restorative Nervine, procured a l)ottle ai)d began using it. Marveloua as 11 may seem, but a few days had passet! before every bit of that creepy feeling had left me, and there has npt been even the slightest indication of its' return. I now feel as ■well as I ever did, and have gained ten pounds in weight, thoush I had run down from 170 to 137. Four others have used Dr. Miles' Kestorative Nervine on my reeomendation, and it nasteen as satisf actory intheir cases as in mine." - James Kane, La Eue, O. Dr. Miles' Restoratiye Nervine is sold by all druegists on a positivo guarantee, or sent direct by the Dr. Jliles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind., on receipt of price, SI per bottle, six bottles for $5, express prepaid. It is free from aciates or dangerous drugs. Sold by Druggists Everywhere.


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