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Beardless Physicians

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It is an alniost fatal obstaole in the building up of practice for a physiciau to wear a youthful face. Any doctor will corrobórate that. I reineniber an amusing incident in my own experience after I had graduated froin hospital eervice and put up niy shingle and started practice. It was terribly slow work getting patients. I had a friend who was a medical student in my office. He was very dark complexioned, and though only 20 years old had a big black beard. A womaii called at the office one day and asked to see the doctor. My student answered the ummons and said that he would cali me. I walked into the reception room. The patiënt, who was a stranger to both of us, looked at me impatiently. I had a very adolescent mustache at that time. "I want to see the doctor," she exclaimed rather sbarply. "I don't want to see a medical student. I wish to see the gentleman with the beard. ' ' To save anyself the loss of that patiënt I had to apologize and cali my student back. 1 was present, heard all that was said, and I was the author of the prescription given. The woman didn't know that, however, and went away perfectly satisfied. It was simply an amusing illustration of the prejudice, unjust enough, to boyish lookiug doctors, and incidents


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