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Skins Of Fruit

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The skins of fruit should never be eat-en, not because they axe not palatable or digestible or are unhealthy in themselves, but ou account of the danger arising f rom mierobes which have penetrated into the covering of the fruit. Everybody has noticed that at times a slight scratch will créate a considerable sore on the human body. It is generally ascribed to an unhealthy condition of the blood, but a close microscopical examination will show that it is due to the presence of microbes thus introduced into the system. So with an apple, a peach, a pear or a grape. The fruit may be perfectly sound and healthy, but on the skin or covering may be microbes, which, introduced into the human system, will breed disease. These germs are not uncommon; neither are they always present. It is possible to eat this covering without injury, but the danger is simh that it is best not to incur the risk.


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