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He Remembered

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A strapping young man, with a cold look ia his eye and a brand new clothes wringer resting on his knee, sat in the waiting room of the Third Street depot waiting for his train. In gazing about his eyes rested on a certain man, and he save a sudden start. He rose to his f eet and started again. Then he deposited his clothes wringer on the settee and walked over to a flashily dressed man about 40 years old whom any one would have spotted as a fakir and asked: "Don't you travel around with tooth powder?" "No, sir!" was the sharp reply. "Wasn't you in Ypsilanti last fall?" "No, sir!" "Yes, yon was, and 111 bet on it. You are the same durned feller, and I know it!" "Sir! What does this mean?" demanded the other. "It means that I was in Ypsilanti last fall and bought a box of your tooth powder. You changed a $5 bilí, and darn my hide iL you didn't hornswaggle me out of $1!" "Sir!" "No use, old fellow! I knowed ye the minit I sot eyes on ye. Same big diamond pin- same necktie - same nose humped up in the middle like a circus camel! I want that dollar!" "This is outrageous! 111 cali a policeman!" shouted the fakir. "Cali and be durned to ye, but I'll lick ye first! You eíther come down with that dollar, or I'll wallop ye till ye can't holler!" "I-ook hare," replied the other in much milder tones, "you are mistaken. It was my cousin who was ia Ypsilanti. He is dead uovv." "Then I'll take it out of you!" "He is dead, as I remarked, and rather than have any blot resting on his fair escutcheon I will pay you the dollar." "That's all right. I don't know nuthin about 'scutcheous, but I've got to have that dollar or pull hair. I've bin lookin for your humpbacked nose all over the face of the earth, and I've laid awake nights thlnkin how I'd made ye holler like an Injun if I got my paws on ye." He was given a dollar, and the fakir disappeared at once, and the young man ex plained to those about him: "I'm almost sorry he gave up so soon. I was lust achín clean down to my toes to


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