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He Reconsidered His Intention

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A friend of the writertells this story. He says he was traveling in New Brunswick one cold, stormy night this winter. It was snowing, and the wind was blowing furiously. He had driven a long distance without seeing a house, and he knew it must be a long way to a village where accommodations for man and beast could be secured. So he hailed with delight a rough farmhouse by the roadside and drove up in front and began to shout to the inmates. It seemed a long time before there was any sign of life, but at last a chamber window opened, and a rough man's voice, with a good deal of profanity intermingled, asked what was wanted. "I want to stay here all night," said our friend. "Well, stay there and be d d to you. You needn't wake everybody up in the middle of the nieht," and down went that window with a smash.


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