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Mrs. Aun Weleh, of Milán township, died on the 3rd inst., aged 64 years and 6 months. She was the wife of Thomas Welch. The funeral cccurred Wednesday. Seven beautiful new residences are under coostruction in Milan. The last one to be potten under way is that of M. C. Edwards, corner of Wabash avenue and División street. Judge Gun, of Cadillae, has purr chased property in Ypsilanti, and will soon move his family to that city. The judge is the father of the hustling Iccal editor of the Ypsilantian. The city has at last taken hold of the matter of abating the frog-pond nuisance rn Cross street in earnest, and are putting in a tile drain down Grove stre( t so as to take the water to the Michigan Central sewer. This is tardy justice to those who live in that section and have suffered so much f rom the city's neglect. Tally one for the new council.- Ypsilantian. What will the people of that vicinity do now when they no longer hear the frog lullaby as they pass to the land of dreams? The Monroe county Faimers' Institute will be held at Ázalia next Thursday, and the following program has been announced: THURSDAY MORNING. Music, Azalia choir. Invocation, Rev. B. Gibson. Music, Azalia choir. Address of welcome, A. A. Aiston, Azalia. Music, J. W. Griswold, London. Music, Azalia choir. Response, Mrs. Nellie Barcns.Milan. Paper, "The creamery the greatest source of revenue for the farmer," O. A. Barnes, Azalia. Music, J. W. Griswold. Adjourn for dinner. AFTEENOOÏT. Music, Clover Leaf Glee Club. "The Creamery," continued, by Hon. Alfred Dickerson, of Dundee. Music, H. W. Knaggs and wife. The ladies' view of the subject, Mrs. Ellen Phelps. BedfordRecitation. Music, Azalia choir. Coxeyism: lts effectson our country, and its origin, growth and probable outcome. E. L. Lockwood, Petersburgh. Discussion of same, to be led by Samuel McFetridge, Ida. Music, Azalia choir.


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