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The Grass Lake creaniery took in 6,450 pounds of milk one morning last week. Cbelsea has 310 school children enrolled. Clinton high school will gradúate fourteen scholars this year. The Livingston county Democratie convention will be held at Howell, June 21. The Grass Lake Farmers' club meets at the residence of Mrs. M. K. Craft j tomorrow. The seniors of the Manchester high school are busy getting ready tor commencement. W. P. Lamkin, of Milán, has just put a much larger new boiler in bis machine shop. Norvell taxpayers were to decide yesterday whether they would buikl a town hall or not. Eaces will be held at Dundee, Friday- just a preliminary meeting to the regular program. John Harwood and Libbie Stevens, of Pittsfieïd, were married last Tbursday afternoon. May they &c. The graduates of the South Lyon high school held commencement exercises at the M. E. church.Friday evening. Miss Susie Patchin and Laverne Ilines, both of Grass Lake, were made man and wife by Rev. B. S. Hudson last Wednesday. Manchester's population was increased by two last week. Edward Dieterle and Wm. Breitenwischer both being happy papas. Mrs. Iya Rayrnond, one of the fnrmers in the Nelson circus, died at Dundee, Thursday, from an accidental overdose of morphine. The Clinton village arsessment nill I just completed shows a total assessed valuation of $580,000 an increase over last year of about $45,000. The Lutheran parsonage at Dundee having become quite dilapidated, workmen have been set at work to put it in a habitable condition. Even wicked Dundee recognizes the claims of the children and special children's day services were held in the ehurches there Sunday. The Methodist parsonage at Manchester has been out of repair, and a subscription amounting to $65 has been raised to put the place in shape. The Manchester village tax collector is hustling to collect the taxes, and Manchesterites wh.o are short of funds are kept busy dodging the collector. The church sheds at Eowc's corners in Sharon, wbich were scattered all over the country by an amateur cyclone about a year ago, are being rebuilt. Miss Nettie Rowe, who has been, teaching school in the Spafard district, Manchester, pleased the directors so well that they have engaged her for next fall. A new Sunday school has been organized at Lima. Jav Easton is superintendent, Mrs. F. Ward assistant superintendent and Mrs. Alice Wood secretary. The yoiiDg ladies of Chelsea have formed a mutual improvement society. Probably no town on earth stands in greater need of such an organization. - Grass Lake News. Miss Millie Jacobus and John Bone, both of South Lyon, conciuded that they could get along pretty well in this world traveling in doublé harness were married last week. A car load of luniber attached to a west bound freight caught flre at Whittaker last Tuesday and had to be sidetracked when it reached Milan. The luniber was entirely consumed. The Knights of Pythias of Salem held memorial services and decorated the graves of the deceased members of the order. In the evening Eev. W. II. Shannon preached a special sermón. South Lyon will be obliged to hold a special elëction, Chas. Pardon, one of the members of the council, being unabïe to longer stand the quietude of that burg, ïiaving removed to Ann Arbor. Dr. Lynch has removed the fetice f rom around his place. - Manchester Enterprise. Dr. Lynch has the right idea and Manchester will be better off when the other residents follow his example. Manchester people wouldn't steal the pennies off of a dead man's eyes, but there are residents of that burg who are mean enough to steal the flowers off the graves in Oak Grove cemRf.erv. Ed. Tiercé, of Sharon, was all right as long as he stuck to teaching school, but when he le ft ttaat vocation and started in to be a full-rledged farmer, it was too much for him and as a result he is now on the sick list. Max. L. Moon went down to visit Neptune and the mermaids in Cavanaugh Lake. He was out in a canoe and was carrying too much sail when a strong wind struck him. He was rescued by Chas. Davis.- Chelsea. Ernest B. Tilden, of Angélica, N. Y., and Miss Adeline Sherwood, daughter of S. E. Sherwood, were married at the residence of the bride's father in Manchester, June 6, the Eev. J. E. Platt performing the ceremony. The Manchester ball players who reside on the east side literally wiped the earth with the pretended players who are unfortunate enough to live on the west side of that village, the score standing 22 to 17 when the umpire called the the game. Have you ever notieed that the Manchester paper publishes more records of births than all the papers in Ann Arbor combi ned ? Either Brqther Blosser has a better field to work in or Ann Arbor reporters are not a success at news gathering. Ilere's more work for the Rev. Dr. Ryan, of Ypsilanti. The young ladies of Brooklyn are to give a minstrel performance, Thursday evening, in imitation of their Ypsi sisters, unless the noted divine gets out an injunction or something of the kind. "TheAngelic Guard'" is the subject upon which Rev. J. Ward Stone, of the Milan Baptist cliurch, discoursed last Sunday. That must be a new guard for Milan. Possibly tliere is a clue in this to the solution of the Leader's suspicions about that strange flock of hens whicb. recently appeared in Milan. The animal reunión bf Co. F., 20th Mich. Iniy., veterans, will be held at the residence of Henry Jjall in this I village, next Wednesday, June 13. The comrades can eouut upon a grand reception and royal entertainment f rom Mr. Ball and wife.- Dundee Reporter. Mrs. Lucy Croman, of Waterloo, was badly burned recently, the fastenings of a lamp giving away and covering her with burning oil. Her son and daughter managed to extinguish the flames, but not until the unfortunate woman was so badly burned that her recovery is doubtful. Last Thursday afternoon, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Koch in Saline, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Emma, to Chas. Weissman, ofjackson. Rev. Lederer oilïciated. The happy couple left soon after for their new home in Jackson, which was already for their coming. Neil McClear, of Gregory, and Rosalie Dolan, of this place, were married on Wednesday of this week. The young couple are wel! known in this vicinity, and all will join with us in wishing them happiness and success through life's journey. They will make their home at Gregory.- l'inckney Dispatch. South Lyon will have a regular oldfashioned Fourth of July celebration tlüs year, with tireworks, brass bands, games, sports, aud an tmbounded amount of old-time entliusiasm. Committees have been appointed and are working on the project. T. IL. Clark will be president of the day and L. S. Allen, marshal. The boaid of d i rectors of the Ypsilanu lmvhig club is eonstituted as follows: M. M. Reed, president; V. 11. üuerin, vice-president; R. V. Hemphill, treasurer; C. P. McKinstry, seeretary; J. B. Colvin, F K. Owen, Wrn. Evans. The president, secretary and treasurer compose the executive coinuiittee. - Commercial. Souieone entered the sleeping room of Charles Love oL I'inekney, oue night last week, and while Mr. Love slept, made off wich his gold vvatch and $600 in üioney. The money was taken f rom Iiis trousers pocket. - Stockbridge Sun. The iunny part of this item is that a Tinckney man sliould lmve $600 anywhere, not to speak of his trouseis pocket. A team ot' large liorses were fouud liitched to a wagon at Haslett Park, the other day, and a marrs hat was was also found near the lake. As no one -caüed to claim the team, it was thought the owner had suicided, more likely, however, the team had been stolen and abanded. Sometimes the guilty tlee when no man pursues.- btockbridge Sun. Robert Gregg's team ran away Saturday morning; they were hitched to a drill, and in sume vvay were frightened by the noise of tlie drill, and the lines were jerked t'rom Mr. Gregg's hands and they ran about a mile, taking the tongue and whiffletrees with them and leavmg tüe drill with one wheel over a picket fence; the horses were not hurt. - Lake Ridge Cor. Milán Leader. An exclninge says the farmer who signs a petition for a tariff on vvool deserves to have it. With vvool steadily falling under the McKinley bill the past several years, and he unable to get his eyes open, it will take the entire bottom out of the wool market to teach him that he is being played by the plutocrats for a sucker. - Oakland Excelsior. Amen, amen, and amen. J. T. Berry, formerly in mercantile trade at Worden, lias rented his store and moved with his family to 331 Oak street, this city. He is uow connected with the Garland Fruit Extract Co., and his plan is to cali at the houses and exhibit a sample of goods, asking for a trial of their quality. We have known Mr. Berry many years as a trustworthy gentleman.- Ypsilantian. Postmaster Gillen, of Saline, was iast week notiried that hereaf ter there would only be mail every other day for him. Thereupon the good people of the town of salt rise up and protest against being convided into a veritable Rip Van Wirikle place. May they ■aise such a din about the ears of the Second Assistant J.Jostmaster General that he will be compelled to come off and give them daily mails. Miss Adah Foote, of Adams St., Ypsilanti, was united in marriage last Tuesday evening to Mr. John LeValey Chaddock, Rev. II. M. Morey oiliciating. The bride was attended by Miss Dickie, of Battle Creek, and the groom by Guy Foote. A largenumber of guests from abroad were present. Mr. and Mrs. Chaddock departed the same evening by way of DuUith for their future home in California. A severe accident befell Samuel Sample, a blind man living in the nortliwest part of this townsliip, Saturday. He and his wife had been in the village, while returning home and about two miles west of village the horse became frightened and upset the earriage into the ditch. He had his shoulder broken, severe ent upon tlie ñead. and injuries about the body. Dr. Richardson is treating him.- Dundee Reporter Lncius Taylor Post of Milan decorated 27 graves in London cemetery, 2-5 in Rice's cemetery, 24 in Mooreville cemetery, 8 in OaRville cemetery, 4 in York cemetery, 3 in CountyLine cemetery and 3 in Chase cemetery- 94 in all and preserved the names of them all; and the cenotaph in memory of those from the vicinity who are buried in unknown southern graves, 41 names of these. Well done, Luciusïaylor Post. - Ypsi. Commercial. The soft coal famine has struck the try-weekly branoh oí the Lak e Shore, and the report came on Monday, that beginning with Tuesday, trains would berunon the Ypsilanti branch, three days in a week only, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, thns fully completing the title tri-weekly. This arrangement disarranges the mail and express business and is a great. inconvenience to passengers, but we will not feel it here as nmch as they will at Saline, Brooklyn and other places uptheroad. It is also reported that only the morning and night trains on the Jackson branch will be run alter this week until a supply of coal can be obtained.- Manchester Enterprise. If a drought should happen to strike the country before the coal strike ends, the Lake Shore officials would probably make it an excuse to pull off what few trains are left., and then our Manchester and Saline friends would prob ably be obliged to walk or stay home The superintendent of schools at j Wayne being critieised for not fioating j a flag over the school house on Decoration day, explains that the halyards had rotteïl off and be'll be dog-goned if he was fioing to climb that stalï and hold that flag there even if he lost his job. Dr. and Mrs. Watlirtg, of Ypsilanti, gave a reception to the graduating class of the Dental College of the University last Tuesday. The doctor is theheadof the dental faculty. There were 0(5 members of the class present. The iloral decorations were beautiful and the musical program was delightful. A line time all round. Wednesday afteruoon while Prof. Giboulog was assisting in the excavation for the water pipes in the west part oí town, he carne very near meetingwith a fatal accident. He was diggmg near ao old sewer and the dirt caved in npon him in such a mani'er is to pin him to the ground. liad not issistance been at hand. he would ïave received serious injuries, but he vas taken out without being mucti nut.- Livingston Herald. Ilere's another instauce showing the 'esults of manïage. The game of b;dl it Clinton Saturday bet ween the married men and single men was i fine one, the tonner the stronger side the battery. The regular team wasdivided inthisgame. Considering hat both nines had not played for one or two years it is a wonder that 110 more errora were made. Itrequlr'ed en inniiigs to settle it. Score, 11 to 8 n favor of the single men. There was only n small strip of leather between Wm. Hall. of Sharon, md death last week As he was reurning frono Norvell bis hol'sebecame rightened and threw him out, his feet catching in the lines. As William I was bumping over the hard ground at a two-minute gait, he had arrived at that stage in his thoughts where all ;he wieked thmgs he had ever done u his lile stood out in bold relief, vvhen the lines broke and Hall was sa ved. The wedding of Mr. J. A. Maroney uid Miss Minnie Finkbeiner occuried it the home of the bride's parents, Mr. md Mrs. C. Finkbeiner, in Lima, Wednesday evening at H o'elock, in the jresence of a large number of friends. L'h e ceiemony was performed by the iev. C. Ude, of Freedom. Alter congratulations, the guests were served vvitli a sumptuous supper. -Mr. and Mrs. Maroney were tlien driven to iheir nevv home at this place. - Chelsea Standard. Correspondents will please uot say 'Suudayed" in their items. - Adrián Press. We have already condemned ;his grammatical barbarism. Might ust as well say Bill Jones "whiskied" dt Buck's hotel tuesday, or '-bake potatoed" at his Aunt Isaac's on the 6th, or "horse-and-buggied" over to Frogville yesterday, or "pickle-feeted and ïightmared" at Joe Stokes' recently, or "clean shirted" and went to church ast Sunday. Stich three-legged L'ngisb. should be shelved. - Grass Lake Xews. The new annex to the M. E chureh was dedicated Wednesday. A large crowd was in attendance. An address was delivered by the llev. C.T. Allen of Detroit, and one by a gentleman from Ypsilanti whose name your correspondent was unable to learn. They gave an elegant dinner, and served ice cream, cake and lemonade in the evening. The ladies' aid society are deserving of a great deal of credit for the work which they have accomplished at Willis, and for the way in which they ïave carried out their plans. - Willis Cor. Milán Leader. Prof. Thomas Moran return ed f rom Baltimore last Saturday. Heexpectsto o to Londoii, Eng., about the first of July to look np sume data regard ing our colonial history, wliich is to be found only in manuscript in the British museum. He will probably make a brief visit to Paris and return to his students at Johns Ilopkins university at Baltimore, Oct. lst. - Manchester Enterprise. We are surprised . Anybody who has ever heard "Tommy"' get up and deliver a Fourth of July oration or make a Democratie campaign speech will never believe that there are any facts in colonial or any other history that he is nnacquainted with. We are willing to wager uow that he knows more about it than those old British records. Last Thursday morniug a Hoek of hens and a rooster that had lost an eye in the fracus were found in full possession of the vacant Babcock hotel lot at Milan. Two of tliese wanders minus heads had strayed to the rear of Dan Raukin's meat market. The suspicious Milan Leader, always ready to sniff something crooked in a transaction a little out of the ordinary, suggests that those fowls did not come there of their own volition and with the censent of their owuer. The Leader's suggestion would seem to be valid with reference to the two without heads at least. It also suspicions some Milauite of having knovvledge of the whole trnsaction and intimates that the Leader could name Mm. It is an awful thing to have such a disposition as that manifested by the Leader. (uite a disturbaiice was created on one of our highly respectable streets the other evening. A hammock was stretclied across the front yard; a yonng man lay stretclied iu the hainnock; a young lady carne tripping dlong with her eye on the harnmock. Suddenly a shrill scream was heard. [t was followed by anotber, still more slirill, then with convulsed sobbing. Windows were thrown up and sleepy leaded individuals appeared in view. What they saw was a young lady with uuids pressed tightly to her lips, lying back in the arms of the quiet young man who had lain in the hammock. wliile deep moans iilled the air, and were borne by the nia;ht breezes to the ears of the onlookers. The white robed forms remained at the windows anti] they were satislied they eould not ascertain the cause of the disturbance, then slowly withdrew. The pale moon slione on. The patiënt young man still held the helpless young lady in bis arms. She stirred not. Finally he ventured to touch his mustached lips to the white face of the maiden. The touch was magnetic. Shrilly sbe screamed, "Don't yon DARB bite me agai.ii, sir!" Tlie mvstery was solved. - Chelsea Standard. The citizens should take a hand in an affair of this kind, Any young man who, after being permitted to bite the ruby lips of a Chelsea girl and still hankers formore, should be run out of town.


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