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Stand Up, Ezra!

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Willard Stearns, of the Adrián Press, when not aft'ected with monoraetalic free silver tyrotoxicon is accounted a pretty level-headed editor; but that he has just had "another one of them spells" and is not well, is apparent when, concerning the "unusual privilege" asked for, at Relief Park, on the 4th, he says: "The councilmen cocked their heads to one side, shut one eye and mused. What did that "usual privilege" mean? Several of the aldermen were very silent, but some Republican timidly suggested that the Schwaebischers might wish to extend the water mains through a beer keg, and argued that to pass the resolution would be construed as an official permit to viólate the state liquor law, and therefore he favored eliminating the implied franchise. Therefore, the Schwaebische Ur.terstuetzungs Verein will have to celébrate in the unusual manner, and the aldermen must bezahlen zum preis for what beer they drink that day in Der Stadt Ann Arbor, vereignigten Staten and wenn sie es nicht uebersuetzen kann, they will cali on Ez. Norris to explain."


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