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Chicago, July á- Ihe general managers of the Chicago railroads yesterday evening issued the following bulletin: The -worst reports come from the Rock Mand road, which was not able to move any trains on account of a crowd of 2,000 people at Blue Island, who controlled the situation there, the United States deputy marshals and the Cook county deputy sheriffe being powerless to handle the mob. On the Michigan Central the indicatione are that there will be considerable trouble ou account of the employment of new men to take the places of the striking switchmen. The Illinois Central is still in bad shape regarding suburban business, but is moving through trains. The Milwaukee and St. Paul is also badly embarrassed by the striking employés. On these roads occurred the mostserious difficulties. Seventeen roads in Chicago are all more or lees embarrassed by the strike and niany passenger trains are being moved, as on the Panhandle. under heavy guards of deputy marshals for mail trains and deputy sheriffs for other trains, in order to get them through the strikers and sympathizers who congrégate along the tracks. The railroads have not altered their position, the bulletin continúes, and will not parley with the men who want to strike. The places of men who strike will be filled as fast as possible and force will be met with torce to the extent of askiug the state for troops to keep the roads open wherever this ac tion becomes necessary. If the state cannot afford ampie protection the railroads wiil ask the United States government to send troops to the scène of 'listurbances. Dispatches to the General Mauager's associatiou up to 8 p. m. were as follows: Chicago and Northwestern raüroad abandoned its suburban business for the night. Cnicajro, Milwaukee and St. Paul - No freight has been moved into or out of Chicago during the day. All passenger trains moving on time. On other parts of the line freight is moving. Baltimore and Ohio - All passenger trains with fnll equipinents nearly on time. An attempt to start three freight trains was frustrated at Ninei.y-first street by a mob, the trainmen being forced to flee. The Chicago and Northwestern, Elgin, Joliet and Eastern, and Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul have issued tices to connecting linee and shipperg that they will not receive any more perishable freight or livestock. Wiscoasin Central- All passenger and freight trains moving; business abont reeumed itg normal condition. Chicago and Northern Pacific- Subnrban traína on time; freight moving without interruption; night suburban trains discontinued, on account danger to passengers and train crewg from Btrikers stoning trains af ter dark. Chicago and Calumet terminalSwitch and transfer employés all out. Chicago, Burlington and Quincy- The situation has changed for the worse; a large body of striking switchmen and their sympathizers are congTegated at Western avenue, and to avoid an open conflict with the mob the yards have elosed down; passenger traffic moving With little interruption. Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe- Matters running smooth at Chicago with us; freightmen are working under protection of United States marshals; all freierht bnt livestock and iierishable being received subject to delay. A telegram from Oincinnati says that all brotherhood engineers on the Cincinnati Southern railroadhave been ordered to return to work again. Chicago and Northwestern - Passenger traffic has been continued without jnterruption; we have resuiasd our freight trafiic. workinu' a full complement of swi telling civ ws and engines at Milwaukee and 10 in Chicago. Some trouble has been esperienced by strikers intiinidating the new men.


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