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Therese Freutner, (f Ypsilanti, has betii granted a widiiw's pension. Abo ut the center 01 August the Rifles will give an excirsion to Putin-Bay. P. L. Tegarter, of ths city, has received a certifícate of graduation as a pharmacist. - - ' Ypsilanti colored K. of P. will give a cake walk at Benevjlcnt Hall, tomorrow evening. Services at the Unitamn church have been suspended to bt resunied the first Sunday in September. Drug stores now close a 10:30, Sundays, - that. is, the "Hading" drug stores, which means all of them. A. Bruegel, corner of Pickard and Fifth avenue, is material!; improving his residence with a landsome addition. John McDermick, for steahng a horse, will shed the sweat of penal servitude three hot rnonths in the Detroit house of correction. Charles Pardon has broken ground for a new brick building to be used as a meat market at the corner of Main street and Miller avenue. A. J. Kitson receives the contract for the building of the new English Lutheran church, the cost of the structure to be about $ 10,000. After July ist the Ladies' Library, will be open on Saturday's froro 3 to 5 p. m., instead of from 2 to 4. Tuesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 as usual. The colored people of Jacison and vicirnty will observe Emafcipation day, August ist, with exercises suitable to the magnitude of the occa"sion. Bethlehem ehurch ladies' society was the beneficiary of a very neat sum as the proceeds of the lawn social Friday evenipg at the residence of Mrs. Mary Fritz. At the senior lit promenade, the 1,000 Chinese lanterns owned by the University were reinforced with another thousand by the students, who afterward presented them to the University. Friday afternoon, the wheel of Vern Brown, left for a few minutes in the opera house entronce, was swiped by some thief, the brass of whose cheek outshone the nickeled sheen of the bicycle. Mr. E. N. Bilbie scored a success by his playing of the Introduction to Rondo Capricioso, by Saint Sains, at the convention of the Michigan Music Teachers' association, which was held at Flint,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. E. L. Fuller, of Chicago, passed through the city Saturday, on a long-winded ride with Detroit the abjective point. He is accused of being a reporter for the Evanston, (111.), Index and papers concealed on his person clearly proved it. The Light Infantry boys claim that if they find at the state encampment a neater, nattier second lieutenant, or one on whose countenance grim-visaged war" sits with more awful portent, they will walk clear around him and take a good look at him. Sunday of last week Tobias Laubengayer, a prosperous farmer living near Weinsberg, a point notfar from Dexter, was riding, together with Mr. Bross and family, when Mr. Laubengayer suddenly feil forward insensible. He failed to rally and was taken to the home of Mr. Bross. A physician was sent for, but at last accounts Mr. Laubengayer had not recovered fully but there seems to be more hope in his case. Mr. Laubengayer is a brother-in-Iaw of George Wahr of this city. ; Prof. and Mrs. E. L. Bliggs, of Coldwater, are visitors aube home , of their parents, Mr. an( Mrs. A. '■ I H. Holmes. Floratine Jahnke, four year oíd daughter of Mr. and Mrs Gottlieb jahnke, died Saturday eening of ■ scarlet fever. Members of Arbor Tert, K. O. I T. M., 296, meet at 4 p. m. today to attend in a body the hneral of the late Jeremiah Minahan. Ann Arbor Rifles' excusión to j Put-in-Bay, July 18. Thisis a delightful one day excursión. Tickets to Detroit, $1.00; to Putin-Bay, $1.50. - M. A. T. Bruegel is maling j tensive additions to his heuse on ! the corner of South Fifth a,-e. ard! Packard Street, and greatly inpruv ! ing its appearance. Miss üertrude Kolp, a teacher of dancing in Richmond, Ind., is in the ciiy this week, learning "Living Whist," and other iancy dances, under Prof. Granger. Sunday of last week, the Widdecomb house at St. Joseph, which is under the proprietorship of Mr. iMcClure, also of the Cook house of this city, furnished betwecn 8 o'clock a. in. and 8 p. m. 700 meals. Judge Pond this morning 'sentenced George Mokins, the colored lad, who swiped Mr. Schneider's norse and carriage, to the reform school till he arrivés at the age of 17 years. The lad is 14 years old today. The Ypsilanti school building contract has been let to Contractor Glauñeld, for $19,854. The insurance being $21,839, there remains about $2,000 for furnishings, leaving the net Joss by the fire about $3,000. John Schiplack was before Justice Pond Saturday, to explain why he anticipated the Fourth of July franchise, by getting drunk four days n advance. He couldn't do it ind the magistrate find him $1.00 md $5.00 costs for the premature iischarge of his patriotism. E. J. Beard, a young man emiloyed on the farm of George Vooraeis in Superior township, was diowned while bathing in the river, Sunday. The disco very of his clothing on the bank of the river, and the failure of the young man to return, revealed the drowning. The river is being dragged for the body. Corp. Cooperdeserves special mention for the able an efficiënt manner in which he handles raw recruits. "Advance with the left foot, handle your gun with with a snap, walk straight and swing your arm, bring your hand down quickly on last count. Watchme. " - Times. But where he gets the new recruits is, when he shouts: "Right leg over left shoulder, - march! " But they do it. The Ypsilanti constabulary have for some time had a hankering to see Alonzo Beckwith on account of a forged order. Sunday officer Buck saw Beckwith, Beckwith saw Buck (sawbuck) and each saw the other; but the moment Buck bore down on Beckwith, the forger faded away like the schismatic taints of the rainbow, leaving Buck, after a sharp chase, with a big lump in his throat and puffing like a grampus. In spite of ordinances, aldermen and officers, the third ward hog is still there, - still lifts up his voice in clamorous supplication for swill, and still takes an extra kink in his tail and asks the authorities what they are going to do about it. And the festering swill cask and the green bottie fly are friends, and the sweet heart of the rose faints in its gentle strife with the sturdy fragrance of he sty, above which, at nightfall, rises a phosphorescent halo that shames into a corpse-like pallor the gleam and glory of the rotten mackerel. The third ward hog has the city by the nose. Woof ! The State Teachers' Institute for Washtenaw county will convene in the high school in this city, on Monday next, July 9th, at 10:30 o'clock. Prof. F. A. Barbour, of the Normal school Ypsilanti, will conduct the institute and will be assisted by Supt. J. D. Lee, of Mt. Clemens and Commissioner M. J. Cavanaugh, of this city. M. J. Cavanaugh, is also local committee and all desiring further information about the institute should communicate with him. The array of teaching talent engaged for the institute insures its success so far as the instruction goes. If the teachers of the country do their part by turning out in force and in the spirit of teachableness, the institute cannot fail to greatly benefit all who attend. No live teacher can afford to miss it.


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