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How Eddinger Died

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The particularw of the killing of F. S. Eddinger, the man who robbed Teamster Otto Hampton of José & Elleiy's freight ruoney and the merderer of his employer, E. W. José, whom he had shot and fatally wounded on the night of Juiie 10 at Lewistou, Trinity couiity, while the latter was trying to ïrrest him for the robbery, show that the fugitive was shot through the heart with a rifle ball fired by Deputy Sheriff Chase. Alter José had been shot Sheriff Bowie of Weaverville, Trinity couuty, took u the trail of the nmrderer at Lewistou and tracked him to withiu five milos of Redding. He came into Redding and notified the officers here that he was certain that the robber was heading tor the railioad, and that he was posiüve that he was on i I rack. Cc- i . sch and Deputy Sheriff trail, proceeding to Cottonwood, Shasta cotuaty, until withiu a uiile ei that place, where the road orosses tljo railxoad track, where they stopped, each taking onè side of the road. Soon they saw Eddinger coming down the road and comruanded him to halt. When the robber stopped, Chase said, "Throw up your hands." The robber answered, "I have done pothing. ' ' Therecame a shot from Pleisch's gun over the robber's head and again the injunction, "Throw up your hands. " The robber threw both hands np and at the same time his pistol. Chase could not see the pistol in his hand. The robber remarked: "There! My hands are np and nothing in them. " There was a fence between Chase and the robber, and Chase was obliged to climb over. When he had got over, he noticed the pistol in the robber's hand. Leveling his rifle, Chase said, "Diop that pistol," when the robber lowered his hand and at the same time commenced firing. Añer two shots Chase feil on his knees, and the robber, thinking he had killed his pursiier, turned and cemmeiiced shootii:g at Pleisch. While in this conditioa Chase took delibérate aini with his rifie and sent a bullet through thE robber's heart, killins him


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