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LOUIS KOUDE, CoaiandWood LehiRh Vaüey Coal, $6.50 per ton. Eeecli and Maple lilocks, $2.50 a cord. Beech ,nid Maple, 4 feet, $5."0 ;. cord Main Office - ört E. Huron Street. Yards- 5: West Hnron Street. IHfti WautMoney? ora Home? Wan, filij " ' ' k: or ;l "n' vV1"1 'o (iptn " ■ g growlrrg town? want i,, i. i llvestocki Wa"1 toknow ! w iobny )i u-lus n a Vf !)"' on u-ichout pay2 ÜJ? IJ ' "" ■""-' i'"''11: . ;. uiiiT-'■""" ARE YOU POSTED _ ON THE - , Standard digtionarY FUBUSHID BY FUKi & WAGNALLS CO., NEW YORK. sssJiiT COST NEARLY 5 IF ' MILLION Ë f ! DOLLARS. S= ■ Grandest ■sí= , ï j Literary -5 liP' Achievement p' of the Age. It is made on New Plans by the best Talent lts Editora number 247. . In preparation 4 years. Hae a wonderful Vocabulary of nearly 300,000 WORDS AND PHRASES. More than Twice the Worde found in any other 1 Vol. Dictionary, and about 75,000 more words than Any Other Dictionary of the Lanjtuaee. Particulars sent iree to any address. Addreee. PRICE $12 tO $22 &SSSSS. THE FÜLLER BOOK CO., maagzÏS, 0r apply to our Local Agent. Special Sale! The . tio ' is ■T.ntcl during the sa'e s' _. ' 2 ■" ii J me 30th. I wil! bel! ■ il '.'onnet, valtied fro-n $ on ; - ■ 50: up to ij. 00. All l'i ' r-i ioc to í 1 00. LegI.' . . r , , ; in j-j 00 tlie very best quahiy. ie c y an ■ '--Icv.i 'lit best, Hesj n tl ; , Ittrs. ü. Tií. OTTO, Cv V.'üjhi' gton and 4th Ave. fAwDÍDgs,TeDts, Stack Covers. flfttiíllíi Site-i 4iibUV Ui 1 Paper 145 s !"? Rl b o' 10 men t0 solielt ■RT ft t'.ii t ii: orders for Hardy NursW HPI K Cv gry ock, Fruit and . Oiiinmentals; also new anrt vu ■ ..a iet of Seed Potatoes. li s.uons; iüod salary, rangine from ?;. 1 ,'..- permontii. Apply iiuiek.with refeifictrs. L. L. MAY & CO., NUBrRVMN. i.OT g Paul, M 'l D II .


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