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Elmer ['stick, late-of Ypsilauti.died receiitly, f ollowing a surgical operation in Chicago. The Saline Observer prints very fully the high school comnienceuient exer cises of the village. The Atlantis team, of Ypsilanti, 01 theirown grounds, will playthe White Leads f rom Detroit tomorrow. A verj pretty game is expected. Chelsea has a society of young la dies called Mosquitoes, some of whom aresaid to be very clever at ■billing' ' underan embryo tuoustasche. The Ypsilantian is trying to injure the character of Mr. Dansingburg, by ucuusing him of harbonno; a desir to becoiue a meniber of the legislature. Have you noticed thatpleasingsmile that Will Acton has worn since Tuesday night?- Saline Observer. flaven't, but we'll bet $10 there'a a baby in the l'anniy. TheCongregational, Methodist hik! Baptist cliurches of Chelsea have made a triune covenant whereby union meetings wil] be held duiing the remainder of the suminer. At a school meeting held last Friday evening, the Ypsilanti school board decided to rebuild the burned structure on the old plan, and to expeud the sum of $23,200. Koy lliggs, of near Belleville, son of Stage Driver Frank Kiggs, who plies betvveen Belleville and Ypsilauti, was killed last week by the kick of a colt. The skull was ciushed. Ypsilanti has taken to water so extensively that the city is scheming for better water supply. Sorne of the people there have lately professed to actually enjoy the new beverage. ïhe unfeeling postoffice department has jumped upon the salaries of the Ypsilanti and Manchester postmasters, butcher knife in hand, and sliced off trom each $100. A strike is feared. Will Carpenter, of Ypsilauti, has purchased the interest of Mr. Bell of the jeweiry lirm of Bell S: Stone. ïhat Mr. Carpenter is a capable judge of jewels is proven by his recent marriage. Chelsea town hall was prof usely decorated, 011 graduation day, and its varied floral ornamentation vied with the intelleetual fresco, plastered on the brains of the students with the teachers' trowels. The Normal register shows a roster of 922 pupils, 241 of which are credited to the conservatory. There are 346 in the training school, making altogether an available force tor tighting ïgnorance of 1,268. Louis Burg, recently beeame a resident of Chelsea, and arnong other valuables he unpacked was an elegant tenor voice with troinolo and mutfler. lle is accounted a choice acquisition to the musical talent of the town. The assessed valuation of Ohelsea is $411,12ö.UO real estaie, and 5-171,125.00 personal, altogether $582,250.00. Tliis eur $1,200 WJll be raised to run the 'village, making the taxes $2.06 on the thousand. - Chelsea News. Wonder yhy the town can't afford an electric light in tront of the town hall?- Chelsea Herald. It can; butthe village akieruien would be given away on the routes they take to get home. The council knows its business. Mrs. M. K. Reed, of Saline, who was recentlv severely bitten by a lady-eating dog, is slowiy recoveriug. Unfortunately no provisión is made ia the law for recovery of damages in such cases, froin the dog tax. The lady is no sheep. The Ypsilanti authorities keep tramps movaig and do not allow them to enter the city. This has had the effect to keep at a distance quite a number of congressional caudidates who were anxious to dowD Capt. Allen in liis own lair. It looked very much as though the advanced guard of Coxey's army had struck the town Monday evening, when about twenty shelf-worn tramps piled off trom a freight train that pulled into this station from the west.- Dexter Leader. The Dexter bank has recently added to its defenses sorne strong barricades against burglars and dayhght robbers. In some cases a conscience self-acting spring gun would be a grand thing in , a bank, but at present there is no need of one in Dexter. The Manchester census shows that during the past few years shehasjust , about held herself level on population. , She falla short about 10. The great ; moral lesson of this census is that ] tection to infant industries as applied ] to Manchester is all rot. , Dr. Boone, who acted as toastmaster at the Normal Alumni dinner, is , credited with the felicitous gift of , tering the right thing at the opportune moment. In this he is unliue some ! public speakers who know enough, if : they could only think of it. While William Arnold, of Dexter. was peacefully engaged in ihe lawful ' pursuit of putting an eayestrough on a ' barn recently, histoe-nails slipped and : he made the longest standing jurnp on record- 24 feet, alighting on a pile of stone and spraining an ankle. Lightning, Sunday of last week, called on the family of Homer Cady, of Ypsilanti, and took advantage of the situation to remove the buttons from the shoes of Miss Cady. No well behaved streak of lightning would have acted with such freedom. At the Normal Alumni reunión Mrs. Fannie Cheever Burton was chosen vice-president, Mrs. Julia A. King, essayist; Mrs.Xaura Chapman Thompson, necrologist, Miss Maud Ball, ' retary and treasurer; and Prof. W. P. Bowen, chairman of the executive committee. These warm nights when farmers' barns are wide open, we hear of people being seen snooping around, and once in a while a light-fingered one helps himself to a hammer, a quantity of oats or something to his liking. - Manchester Enterprise. The fellow must have a stomach like a goat. The mili dam at Calftown, went out, the other day, and some boys who were bathing below it carne near being washed into the hereafter. The son of Miller Feist escaped with barely his bathing suit, which was nature's gift. Some other little boy i further down stream is probably i ing his clothes. I At Dpiiton, ivi ■ ed a game of buil betweei: th"e firal h ond nines, iu whiüh ihe s.-ore stond 7 lo 37 ni fuvor ot lhe Meco: i! niutí. Tliis I catites the captain i I ig club to uiuiiiii thf f"iiy mt'l v% t".Jj a loud i clap o tiie wings and : shrul cock-aI doodíe-doo, ehaiíene any ueighboring club tocmne out and et i s "eonitT' cut. Rev. C. C. Marshall, of Sullívan, Ind., ga,ve the B.iptiat people of Sa1 i ne, a sample of whut lie couid do iu the pulpit even in flv time tnd was Iikeci so well tliat a culi was cvtendcd to him to become pastor of flock. Aa the workman is knowti by his chips, so know we the capable minister ly his sertnou. Som e wretch of a''Repitblicau Workei" comes out in the YpailanU Commercial and deals Capt. Allen a cold. chilly stab in the back pact of the liver' bv booming Hou. A. J. Sawyer for the republican congressional nomination. It is really amusin' to behold the republican brethren binMing up and teanng down each otber's cob houses. Saline will be as livelj :is a populist convention on tlie 4th. The members of the Arbeiter Verein have the matter in charge. The Clinton band and the Lake Ridjre, Clinton and Yoik lal] teams will be there. and someone will lie fonnd to relate the tracric history of the capture of Bunker Hill frooi the Confedérate, by the Carthagenians under Gen. Butler. George Crossman, of Waterloo, recently received a fall from a ladder in a barn and was severely injured, while )utting up a hay sling. Thusit goes! The sling of David broke the pate of Joliath; the sling of the baggageman 'busts" the trunk, and the hay sling scores some snccess: hut the gin-sling ir breaktng pates and pocket-books, ays over them all. The Manchester ball team bas plenty of chances to play. Clinton, Dexteiand Ypsilanti have recently expressed he desire for a game. but the spirit of our boys has been considerably subdued since the game at Chelsea, and it s a question whether or not it will riae again. - Enterprise. The Manchester boys should have their courage arrested for desertion. The Grand Rapids Democrat niakes the ball'd assertion that the only clerical niember ot a Michigan base bal! team is Rev. Thomas McNamara, of Muskegon. Does this übeler of the clergy propose to read out of the pale of ecclesiastics, Fr. Kennedy, of Ypsilanti. and Rev. Williams, the ballwhaeking ahepherd of Tipton, Lenawee county? The Lord forbid! William Gillan and wife. Miss Mab'el Gillan and Leo Staffan, of Chelsea, were at North Lake, Sunday of last week, and during a siiower took shelter in a log cabin near the lake. A bolt of lightning dropped in on them. singeing the hair of Miss Mabel and setting the dvess of Mrs. Gillan on tire. Taken altogether the afternoon at the lake was very entertainly spent. Some have asked the mean ing of the Latin mottoes adopted by the senior and junior classes of the Normal. Authoritiea differ somewhat, but the most evident significance of the senior motto, 'Fit via vi." is We flt by the way: and the reminiscence is signiflcant of the other, "Nulla vestigia retrorsum," Not a vestige of backing out- literally. 'Don't try to buck us off the bridge. - Ypsilanti Commercial. P. W. Shute, of "i psilanti, lifts bis hand and swears by thestatueof brass on the mountain of Adamant, that the opera house will be rebuilt and that uothing short of the premature crack of doom can stay the event. The confidence of Mr. Shute has for its spinal vertebrie, a recent deal, which will shortly be made public. This information ís so gratifying that all can afford to wait for particulars. J. N. Wallace was called to Willis this morning to take charge of a funeral. The opportunitv again presents itself for that Willis correspondent to juggle with his vocabulary and rhetoric. - Ypsilanti end of the Daily Times It is understood here. that the polysyllabic panegerist is engaged in constructing his own obituary out of the remains of the English language. Tt is rumored that he has 'iost his cud." "It is remarkable hovv cheap some people wil! sell themselves," remarks the Dexter Leader. Yes, there are green members of the legislature who often fooi away their senatorial votes for $500 apiece, when had they stuck out for more, could have got $5,000 as easy as rolling off a log and today their families are suffering for the want of new Saratoga dresses and !Steinway pianos. It is a criminal thing to seïl out cheap. The evil spirit that ever and anon dances amqng the types of a printing oflice. and juggles some glaring error past the eagle eye of the proof reader, got in his nefarious work on the Ypsilantian a short time ago and caused it to announce Ald. Y roman as offering a resolutionexcluding women from voting. Preposterous and self-apparent as the error was. it found believers and a band of ladies was about to sew up the professor in a sheet and whip him to death, when the newspaper I rushed to his rescue and saved him by explaining. The Stockbridge Sun notifies pathmasters that it is time to cut the noxious weeds that grow along the highway. The Sun does not appear to understand that the seeds of the doek and ragweed are not yet ripe and to cut them now Jwould waste the erop. Pathmasters and even many farmers are better posted and never harvest these grains till the seed matures, when the stalks are gathered and thrown in the road so the birds can place the seed where it will do the most good. What does the Sun know about farming? The exact figures on Ypsilanti's present population as shown by the census enumerators is as follows: First ward, 1,324; second ward, 1,080; third ward, 1,490; fourth ward, 767, flftli ward, 1,840, making a total of 6,094, a loss of 33 siuce the census of 1890. Enumerator Wilson has tried the tuagnifying scope on his returns and held them upside down to turn the sixes into nines to make, if possible, 7,000; but it was no use. It would be easier for a needie to go through a camel's eye than for the enumerator to make more than the number stated, as he had been sworn with niuch detail.


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