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Second Wind

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The following is an explanation of the athlete's "second wind, " from Outi ing: When we are walking about, we I ouly use our lungs partially, sometimes : ouly one, but when we oommence to ! hurry or run we draw our breath faster, causiug both lungs to gradually develop. During the time that this process is goI ing on we get our second wind. Now, should a man not use his lungs in running for a length of time they will get, so to speak, rusty, and it will be with great difficulty that he will get his breath properly. If an athlete is properly trained, he will not feel the least difference from start to finish in a long race. Directly he commences to run both lungs will open to the fulL Experience in long distance running provea the above correct. I have noticed after each cessation of a few weeks that my lungs were not so f ree; consequently I undersvent the process of getting tny "second wind," and as I practiced and got in better trim iny lungs opened better, and breathing becarue easierwith each run. "Second wind" is the fall use of both lungs.


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