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An Absentminded Builder

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"As an amateur carpentor, I don't thiuk I am much of a success, " said a gentleman yesterday. "For several months past I have been engaged in building a dollhouse for one of my ohildren. I chose a room in the atable in which to do my work, for, with the gaslight, I was able to spend my spare evenings in hammering and planing. Well, I completed my task the other evening and was proud to behold a dollhouse the like of which I had never seen. It was a perfect miniature house. Yesterday I told the driver to get a man to help him carry my handiwork from the stable to the children's playroom. Imagine my f eelings when he carne 'jack and informed me that the dollhouse was too large to pass through the door of the room in which I had built il. I had never thought of getting the house out, but my oversight so disgusted me with. my work that I hired a carpeater to break it up so that it could be taken out in pieces. ' '-


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