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Ethan Allen's Sword

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The sword of Ethan Allen, preseived ia ttie National rnaseam, at Washington, is an old fashioned blade aboat 27 inches in length and slightly curv;d. The handle is made of horn or bone and is some 7 inches long. The ruonnting is of silver, m'arked with gold, bat ihe latter is partially worn oflf. A doj's head of silver forais the end of the lnndle, and frorn this to the gaard runs a silver chain. On one of the silver baids of the venerable leathern scabbard is the name "Ethan Allen" engrossed in large letters; on auother band, "E. Brasher, Maker, N. York," whiie on a thiid band appears the name "Martin VoGbnrg, 1775. " - Philadelphia Lcdgtr. "There's one thing aboat me that I don't anderstand," said Tomity thoagbtffclly, "and that'swhyit is that making marks on wall paper is snch lots of fan and making 'em in oop books in school is such hard work. " The use of Australia as a convict groand was objeeted to by the popula} tio:i as soon as the country was occt pieá by actual colonists, and the transportación ffSiena was given up in 1857.


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