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The Rinsey block is receiving material alterations and repairs. Bethlehem church Sunday school picnic at Whitmore lake tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Weber, late guests of L. Gruner, left for Detroit and Cleveland, Thursday. Cherries and broken shoulder blades have given place to huckleberries and rattlesnake bites. A brace of fairies, swimming drunk, who started to "do" Ypsilanti, Friday evening, were nipped in the midst of thïir Bacchanalian festival and "run in." S. Nickels, A. K. Donahue and Frank Ryan returned from Portage lake last Thursday from a fishing expedition. The Argus adds nothing to the above, because "that's all there be to it." The Democrat remarles to the Ypsilantian: "Our neighbor was well aware that his assumed interpretation of our remarks was not honest." In other words he is "a delibérate, bloody liar." The bachelors and married men will next tussel at ball over at Ypsi. After that the old maids and married women will have a bout, and then all will go to church and hear what Dr. Ryan says about it. The Courier has counted the corporation hog, and finds that he is 500 strong. Strong as he is, the city government could get rid of him if it would once get its bristles up. Where there's swill there's whey. By mistake, last Friday, gasoline was poured into an oil stove, at the residence of F. S. Gaige. On lighting the stove a season of the utmost animation followed, and Mr. Gaige in his enthusiasm grabbed up the stove and threw it out doors. The high school department of the Epworth league will give an auction social in the parlors of the M. E. church this evening at 7:30. A novel and interesting program will be provided and a good time is anticipated. All are cordially invited. The editor of the Courier has just secured a flint lock gun, one of the earliest types, made in 1806, carried through the war of 1812, by I. C. Seeley, of Onondaga county, N-. Y. - Courier. Mr. Pond is naturally a peaceable man, but those city taxes are going to be collected. A report carne out from Lansing a few weeks ago that the state would raise Cain with some insurance cornpanies, and araong those mentioned as about to be put in the hands of a receiver was the Washtenaw County Live Stock Co. Secretary Adams has heard nothing officially as yet, however. - Daily Times. Friday evening, as Mr. and Mrs. Bowdish were driving on Hill street, a contemptible pup, without the first instinct of a gentleman, came tearing and barking at the heels of their horse, which sprang forward, broke the harness and threw the occupants out of the carriage, Mrs. Bowdish receiving a severe sprain in one of her wrists. Just at the time when the cur was needed to take the leading role in a brickbat tragedy, he was not to be found. William Cox sought to put in circulation $1.75 of retired currency possessed by Mrs. Herst, of the Fifth ward. But his efforts to relieve the monetary'stringency, like those of many another philanthropist, was rewarded with imprisonment and will do the next three months in the Detroit H. of C, his action having been construed as larceny. So it goes! Today we may be scheming to benefit humanity, and tomorrow bottoming chairs in Detroit. J. H. Nichols has closed his market till September. Hackman Smally, of Ypsilanti, insinuated some things affecting Jennie Price, for which she sues him for slander. George F., son of Newton L. Felch, of the north side, died Friday afternoon of blood poisoning, aged nearly 15 years. Colored K. of P. of Ypsilanti, will give a picnic Thursday, on the fair grounds, and a fat woman's race will constitute one feature if not others. Mrs. James B. Angelí has kindly presented to the Ladies' Library the official edition of the Congress of Women, World's Columbian Exposition, edited by Mary K. (3. Eagle. Chelsea, Aug. cjth, will witness a celebration of German-American day. The occasion will not be lacking in patriotism and devotion to the American flag. The German American places the accent on the last ward. The City band would like a grand stand as a present from the city council, but will not insist on it till the question is decided wheiher the members of the fire department are to have a new bath tub, or use the curry comb. The Ypsilanti jury could not agree on the guilt of Minnie Hazel. She proved a sort of witch Hazel as it were. But Minnie, rather than have her nerves racked with another day in court, paid $30 costs and the case was dropped. Register of Deeds Hughes, spent last week in the harvest field on his farm. He has acquired a fine erop of grain a sun blister on his nose and a feeling of resignation not to fight the will of his constituency should it demand of him another term of official service. The Chelsea Herald remarks of Ann Arbor people who go to Chelsea for their vacation: "They do it to escape that grave like silence that prevails at the Athens of the west." And this animadversión comes on the heels of the published complaint that when he was here last, we (the people), jerked the bottom out of a cloud and nearly drowned him. Out of his own mouth is he condemned. An Ypsilanti friend of Hon. E. P. Allen, who was in the city last week, was asked by the Argus what he thought of the Sawyer-Jacobs idea of a Washtenaw combine against the field. "Why that has always been Capt. Allen's position. He is in for a thing of that sort. Those other candidates are trying to use his patent without paying a royalty. But it is all right. Capt. Allen does not want a divided delegation. Not he. If he can't have the whole delegation he doesn't want any and is willing to abide the result." Thus three of the Washtenaw republican congressional candidates have registered. Let each of the others step up, sign and fall back to make room for the rest. Lively now, gentlemen.