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Arrival Of The Boomerlacker

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The April number of the Boomerlacker, edited by Wm. H. Evans, Marble Cliff, Ohio, and "devoted to the interests of the '93 Laws of the University of Michigan," has arrived all out of breath, in its hurry to come early. It probably came by rabbit transit, or perhaps the transit of Merrury, by J├║piter! Stars and garters! how we do rush things, winding up the business of the i9th century. Boomerlacker! Plugterbacker! Boom! Boom Ba! Michigan! Michigan! Chaw! Chaw! Chaw! The number of the Boomerlacker, before us, is an able and interesting reminiscence of the class of '93, and contains much valuable matter, of historical interest to the grandchildren of the graduates of that year. It is announced that the next number will appear in July, "shortly after the commencement at Ann Arbor." We make the announcement to encourage the generations to be born during the autumn of the 2oth century, in the hope that they will not have lived in vain, and also to admonish them agaiust being too previous if they would last to see the July, '94, number of the Boomerlacker.


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