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Tax On Tea

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Last Saturday a box containing a consignment of about 250 pounds, in pouad packages, of tea and coffee, addressed to E. C. Burdick, who is agent of a tea and coffee house, sat on the walk in front of the Michigan Central freight house. When Burdick sent for it, the box had disappeared, as completely as though it had dropped through a secret trap door. Search failed to reveal it, and the sheriff was notified. Mr. Antón Brahm, a saloonkeeper, remembered seeing a man with a road-cart, load the box in his conveyance and drive away. On the clue thus offered the sheriff started to recover the property and succeeded. The party taking it was found near Dixboro. He said he had taken the box by mistake, supposing it contained some binder repairs he had ordered, but the mistake came near binding him over. However, it is not doubted that his error was an honest blunder, though the box was spiced with an aroma of Celyon's coffee fields that would give a Coxeyite an ! appetite like an alligator. Saloonist Brahm remarked: "Mein Got, I dond see how he malee dot mishdake; he wash schmell so strong and goot." Burdick's name was also on the box, in plain letters.