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Make A Joyful Noise!

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'Sound the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's dark sea"! Beat the tomtom! Blow the hewgag! Club the drum! Smash your $4 hat! Throw the baby across the street into an upper window! Whoop, h'ray! Ann Arbor skunked Milan, all holler, last week, at base ball, - 14 to zero! "O, I guess we can't play baughl a little bit, can we?" And maybe this isn't a nation with a big N, but merely a confederation of state rights! We cannot do this subject the justice we expected, on account of the strike. We knew we could lick 'em, and sent for a peck of exclamation points and fifty pounds of new capital A's to set up Ann Arbor in; but they failed to arrive and we do the best we can without 'em. But let 'em go. We're happy - whoop? Note - this interrogation point stands for duty, in place of an "astonisher." As we said, we sent for 'em, but our "astonishers" are probably side-tracked at Striker's Crossing. Owing to the rain the grounds were as soft and velvety as a moquette carpet, but our boys didn't mind that, - h'ray! (we're out of exclamation points)- but went right at the murder, - vvhoop? and polished 'em cleaner than a hound's tooth. McPharran pitched to beat - all. And such battingf (Our kingdom for an exclamation point). Whenever our boys hit the ball, Away, away 'twould tly 1 '1Fc,cl,a.rl"le8-s 'iiit be bottled up And sold for Tyrean dye. As we have said, we beat the Milanese 14 to o, a victory that will go booming, like stage thunder, down the vista of time till it swashes into the Sea of Eternity and rests on the bottom "a hundred fathoms deep". H'ray -u . Now for the battle with the Chippewas! (Borrowed this "astonisher" from the Courier office). And when, next Friday evening, the purple rays of the setting sun shall gild the distant hog pens in the Third ward, the scalps of the sons of the forest will dangle at the belts of the Ann Arbor braves. H'ray


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