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The Rich administration can point with p...

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The Rich administration can point with pride to taxes much higher than those of the Winan's administration. They have faithfully lived up to the republican doctrine of high taxes, and now ask for their reward. Well, the people who do not like high taxes should give it to them. __________ Let the Pullman laborer who swears by the gospel of McKinley, and is now out on strike, look in the glass and find there in the rags of idleness an object lesson in protection. Pullman a blantant protectionist. The Pullman company, organized on a capital of one million. Now worth thirty millions! What are the strikers worth ? And does protection protect labor? Find the answer at Pullman. With -the courage which has always animated him, President Cleveland in a letter to Chairman Wilson again sounded the slogan of tariff reform. The senators may be displeased with the letter. But the people will not stand a timorous, time-serving policy. They voted for tariff reform, and if any dissatisfaction exists it is that they have not yet been given what they voted for. Charges of the use of boodle have been freely made against the managers of the Rich campaign this year. The Rich men have retalïated against their oponents with the same charges. So bitter has the feeling grown that some of the prominent Rich men in this vicinity are outspoken in their announcement that they would not vote for Pingree if nominated. They expectthe Pingree men to accept Rich without a grimace. The Republican congressional convention in this district will be held August 16. Gen. Spaulding. of Monroe, seemed to be in control of the committee. The avowed candidates for the nomination are Jacobs, Sawyer and Allen, of Washtenaw; O'Donnell and Brooks, of Jackson; Smith and Fellows, of Lenawee; and Spaulding, of Monroe. There are half a dozen dark horses hidden away, all of whom will be glad they were very dark horses, when the November leturns are in.


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