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Only Two Men Reported

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Pullman, July 24. - Under the most discouraging circumstances the Allen Paper Car Wheel company started up its works at Pullman. Tbe company had mnounced that work woukl be resumed. The big Corliss engiue of the Pullman company, which supplies the power to the Allen company, was put in readiness to drive the machinery, but its services were not required. When the whistle blew, the gates were opened leading to the works. Only two men had passed into work at 7 o'clock, the hour when work was to begin and tuey were put to work cleaning the machinery. The full complement of employés in tho Allen company is fifty. The managers oL the works say tbey are not discouraijed by the failure of more men to report for work, and nsist that others will be strolliug in duriug the day, and that they have been reBtrainad trom reporting at the opening hour througli fear oí violence. Instead of the iucrease of workmen at Pullman, as expected by the officials, the uumber respouding to the whistles' cali was less than auy üay siuce the attempt at the resumption of work. Ou Saturday tliere were twenty-üve of the Holland la borers from Koseland at work in the compauy's yards. Ouly seven returned to work. The influence and intimidatiou of the striker.s was apparent in a big break ia the rank of the laumlry girls. Fuurteen of them worked on Saturday; but six of I them reported for work. Tnere was no ttouble at the works or violence tlireatened the few people who wanted to work. In anticipation of trouble the Alleu company aked (or protection. Ins-pectur Uunt reinforced Lieutenant Basset's fifty men with filtv officers irom the Woodla.wa and Hyde Park Ftiitions, untler command of Captain Power. The inspector in person eupervised the di-po.-it.on of the pólice about Pullman.


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