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Washington, July Sil.- Senator Allen of Nebraska, who was a inember of the sugar investigating comrnittee, has made an additional report to the senate suppleQieuting that of the committee. He says: "In view of the fact that the report of I Senators Gray and Lindsay, in which I I concur, does not set forth the facts in this case fully as I think they should be stated, I have deemed it perfectly proper to file a separate and additional report. The testimony shows to my mind quite 2onclusively that contributions were made by the sugar trust to both the Kepublican and Democratie parties for canapaign purposes. "The testimony of Henry O. and Theodorj Havemtyer aud Jhn E. Eearles leaves no doubt of the fact that the sugar trust iu the state of New York in 1892 contributed mouey to the Democratie party for campaigu purposes, and at the sarae time, and for the saine purpose, contributed money to the Republican party in tlie stati of Mass:ichusetts. I think theAmeiiean Sugar Refiuing company, popularly and properly known as the American suar trust, has been in the habit of contributiug money to the natioual camp ligu f unds of both the Democratie and Republiean parties through its president, with the expectation, if not the implied promise, that whichever party succeeded to power the interest of the company should be 'cared for' by it. A wisely drawn and judicious law looking to a prompt and efficiƫnt remedy for this growI Ing evil should be passed by congress and ftpproved by the president."


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