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KEPOET OF THE OONDITION OF THE mil' & mm wi - AT- A?J ARBOn, MICHIGAN. At the clope of business, July 12, 1893. BBSOUltCBR. ;,oans and di9ccmnts $267.02829 iiucks. Bonos and Mortgages, etc 87,715 07 Overdrafts 3,539 75 Dne froui banks in reserve cit lee 17,362 SI ,)ue from other bunks and bankers 2,069 50 fuefrom Washtenaw Co 1,315 14 i?uroiture and üxtures 2,000 Ou 'Kirciit expenses and laxes paid 25 60 [Dtereot paid 387 Í8 Jheck and cash items. 3,540 27 N'kkels 'ind pennies 210 48 .Told coin 10,85000 Silvtr coin 1,1)83 20 U.S. and National Bank NottS 13,568 00 Total $411,09952 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in .$ ."0,000 00 Surplus fund 20,000 M) Undivided proflts 5,786 08 Dividends unpaid 185 50 individual deposits 99,979 0a Oortificates of deposit 152.948 59 Savings deposits 82,200 33 Total. $411,099 52 STATE OF MICHIGAN, f County of Vashtenaw, ! I, Frederick H. Belser, Gashier of the abovo oamtd bank, do bolemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. P. H. ÜELSER, Cashier. CORKhXT- Attest. Amukose Kearkey, ") W. F. Bheakey, i-Directors. Edwahd Uüffï, I Suliteribed ana sworn to befoie methis 19th day jf Julv, 1S93. H. A. Williams. Notaiy Public. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF rhe First K&lional Bank cf Ann Arbor At Ann Arbor, in the Stateoi Michigan, at the close of business, July 18, 1894. RESOURCES. -.oansanddiscounts.l $310.059 Si Jverdralts 2,434 74 J. S. Bonds to secure circulation 25,000 00 Jther stock, bonds and mortgages 11,500 00 Due trom approved reserve agents... 45,529 09 3ill6in transit 668 00 Due from State Banks and Bankers... 8,141 30 Real estáte, furniture and flxtures. -- 26,543 90 Jhecks and other cash items 87 14 Bills of other National Banks 4,350 00 Fractional currency (including nickels) 282 81 Specie (including gold Treasury notes) 13,009-60 Legal-tender notes 3,265 OO Redemption fund with ü. S. Treasurer (5 per cent. of . 1,125 00 Premiums paid 3.500 00' Total $ LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in $100,000 00 Surpluefund 20,000 00 Other undivided proflts 36.675 20 National Bank notes outstanding - 22,500 00 Dividendsunpaid 544 00 Individual deposite subject to check. 177,038 00 Demand certificates of deposit 94,44:! 15 Due to other National Banks -.- 1,386 07 Due to State Banks and Bankerg 5,000 00 Total - State of MtCHiGAN, County of Washtenaw, fBBI, S. W. Clarkson, cashier of the above nareed bank, do solemnly ewear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and S. W. CLARKSON, Cashisr. Subscribed and sworn to before me tliis 23d dayof July, 1894. DENSMORE CRAMER, Notary Public (Correct attest). PHILIP BACH, ) MOSES SEABOLT, Directors. WM. MoCREERY, ) BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Q# A. MAC LACHLAN, M. D. Diseases of the EYE, EAK, NOSE and THROAT Office, cor. of Main and Washington Streets. Refidence, 14 S. State Street. Residence telephone, No. 128. Office telephone No. 134. Hours: 1Oa. m. to 12 and 1 to 5 p. m. ATTORNEYS. P B. N0HK1S ATTOKNEY AT LAW. Does a general law collection and conveyaneng business. A moderate ehare of your pat; nnage respeetfully solicited. Ufïice, lo tHuron Street, upstairs. p R. WILLIAMS, &Uornev at Law and Pension Claim Attorner. MILAN, MICH. Conveyancing and Collections. DENTISTS. yy VV. N1CH0LS I). D., DENTIST. In the old St. James Hotel Bloc. Teerb extracted witbcut pain oy the use cr vitalized air. MARTIN & FISCHER. PROPR1ETORSOF TUE WESTERN BKEWEKY ANN ARBOR, MICHBrewers of Pure Lasrer Beer. Patronize Home Trade and buy BROOMS at the Ann Arbor Broom Factory, S, J. BEARDSLEY. 28 Spring St. Kipans Tabules : a standard reinedy Kipans Tabules banish pam. Ripans Tabules cure scrofula.


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