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Arbor Tent will initiate Friday night. The Second Baptist church will hold a picnic on the boulevard, tomorrow. The Y. P. S. of Zion church will hold a picnic at Whitmore Lake next Thursday. The Dexter Leader favors George H. Pond for county clerk. Nobetter man in the rcpublican party. The stores of the Goodspeed brothers are about to receive very considerable alterations and repairs. Beulah B. Johnson died, yesterday, at her home on N. Fourth avenue, of consumption, aged 24 years. The barber shop and bath rooms of Julius Trojanowski have new paint and paper and looks as bright as a baby after a bath. Arthur. S. Henion, formerly of this city, died recently of typhoid fever at Anderson, Ind. The interment took place in Ann Arbor. The county republican convention will be held this afternoon. Delegates with an important, countrysaving look are beginning to arrive. At a gospel song service at the Second Baptist church, Sunday afternoon, Prof. Hathaway, of the Kentucky Normal school delivered an address. The east and west side Main streeters are soon to have a matched game of baseball if the east siders have the sand to accept a challenge. There will be "blud, lago,- blud." The Rich forces sat on Farmer Platt and his one-term idea, and refused to let him be a delégate to the county convention. Farmer Platt will prove a dangerous swordfish before he quits the fight. The Ann Arbor Argus don't take any stock in the story about J. A. Burtis' colt being killed by a meteor. - Daily Times. Never said we didn't believe it. What the Argus wants to know is, Who threw the meteor? He is the man it is after. Concerning the county convention to be held today the Ypsilantian says: "Let there be a full delegation from every town and precinct in the county." The suggestion was unnecessary. The delegations will undoubtedly do their best on the line indicated, before leaving the city. Some time ago, the Evening News offered a prize of a gold watch to the person who,. within one week, should secure in Ann Arbor the largest list of subscribers. Hugh McGuire, the wellkown, long time, faithful carrier of the paper, grabs the watch. It is a fine chronometer and worth $30. A good week's work. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Klingier, of E. Huron street, were made happy last Sunday by the arrival of a lady relative whom they had never seen. She is their daughter, and when not overdressed weighs nine pounds. The parents were delighted, of course, but would have been more so if - but people can't always have things just as they want them. The Adrián Press states that Anna Pholask', of Bethel, Branch county, falsified her age to the census enumerator, giving her age at 105, when she was actually 107. The same meddlesome newspaper adds: "Women do hate to give the exact figure. We have a sort of desire now to see the Ann Arbor census roll." Nobe jection in the world; yet it is proper to explain that it so happened at the time the census was taken that all the older ladies were absent at a pioneer meeting; and of those left not many were over 30, though we have them from 100 upward. Vitriolic outburst from the Ypsi. Commercial: Nobody has alighted at the Ann Arbor depot in the last half-dozen years and run the gauntlet of the sun-dance savages who preside over the busses there, who will not rejoice that the city marshal has cited the whole gang to appear in the pólice court and answer to the charge of over-persuasion. We hope they'll give a doublé dose to the big fellow from the Cook House who shatters people's tympanums with his columbiad voice.


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