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I "A. Drinkwater" is the misnomer of a Hillsdale citizen. What ever has become of the sleeping beauty of Stockbridge? Pinckney's share of the state population is 504; an increase of 54, in four years, or 134 a year. Only seven candidates for prosecuting attorney have thus far filed caveats wlth the republicans of this county. - Adrián Press. The Wayne Review advises the old soldiers to "stay at home and piek potato bugs" and let the job of crushing the rebellion to Gen. Miles. A Pinckney egg buyer, on opening a crate the other day, found one chicken out of its shell and hurrahingfor Christmas, while several other eggs were "pipped". The Salvation army left 150 converts at Flint, and tookaway $2,000 in cash. Considering the cheap character of the conversions the army made a "bully" exchange. "Marshal Little keeps an eye out for suspects," observes the Lapeer Clarion. "Looks a Little out" as it were. Still no marshal can be sufficiently watchful with "an eye out." Eugene Parsell, fired out of the Ionia house of correction, by an edict of the supreme court, has recovered his old job of postoffice inspector. Parsell's feline faculty. of always alighting on his feet commands the admiration of a great nation. In a ball game recently, Fowlerville made Howell howl. The editor of the Democrat said he blushed. - Stockbridge Sun. Now the editor of the Democrat threatens the Sun with libel for reporting that he blushed. He can make him sweat for it, too. It is amazing to see how some writers persist in using the word "Sundayed."- Plymouth Mail. The Argus. will cashier any correspondent who says "Sundayed" in his items, and if he ever comes into the office, will seize him by the nape of the neck, &c, and give him the fire bodily, whatever sex he belongs to. The Lapeer Clarion thinks "tipping the porters was bad enough, but tipping the freight cars was worse." By the protection policy of the republican party, to which Pullman belongs; a policy defended by the Clarion, Pullman employés should have been well paid and the freight car tips would have been avoided. See? The Monroe Democrat, having been denied access to the marriage license list in the county clerk's office, Crampton & Kurtz, the owers of the paper "got on their ear" and appealed to the Attorney-General, who says they may copy the list for publication, and they will do it or down tumbles the clerk's office about his ears. An unhappy issue of veracity "lies" between the Telegram and Press, of Adrián. The Telegram the birth of a 13-pound son to a College avenue couple. The Press declared it a girl. The Telegram jumped on the Press for its blunder, and the latter swears the attending physician wrote the notice that appeared in its columns. At last accounts counter-affidavits jwere in course of preparation by the] i Telegram, and it is not unlikely that the congressional campaign in Lenawee, will be a hot one. Dan Whitman, of Adrián, when not engaged in assault and battery, works at well digging. Some weeks ago Dan was at Fayette, O., and a report reached Adrián that a well there h;id caved in and buried him at the bottom. Preparations were at once made for his funeral and were going forward with cheerful celerity. News of this reached Dan, who immediately telegraphed to his wife: "Hold the corpse! 111 be there by the next train." He kept his word and at last accounts" was in Adrián as healthy and hearty as a buck.


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