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Solid Emery Wheels

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In the production of solid emery wheels the best cement that can be employed is one that binds the emery together with that degree of strength which will resist the centrifugal strain due to the high speed at which emery wheels ent best - about 5, 000 f eet speed per múrate. It must not soften by frictional heat nor glaze nor burst nor beBome brittle and break with cold, nor must it hold the cutting grains until they are too dull to cut nor release fchem so readily as to waste away the wheel too fast. It must be capable of being thoroughly mixed evenly with the grain emery, so that the wheel may not have either hard or soft spots and be out of balance, and must also be capable of being tempered to suit different kinds of metal or work. Great care and skill are required in the matter of selecting only pure and strong chemioals for these cements. - Cassier's Magazine. So broad is the scope of modern charity that in many cases, particularly in Europe, it has taken forms fanciful if Dot absurd. Loudon has three or four refuges for lost dogs. These establishments-are kept up by bequests and doaations. "Xmas" is often written instead of Christmas, and the authoriity for so doing is that X is simply the initial letter of the Greek word for Christ. "Remedies for toothache, my friend, " said a philosopher, "will be found to ifford instant relief in ivery case bat pours. ' '


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