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The reports given out from Lansing show ...

The reports given out from Lansing show ... image
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The reports given out from Lansing show that Michigan now has a population of 2,241,000, an increase of 147,111 in four years. Of this gain, 109,760 or more than twothirds is in the cities. The democratie state convention of Florida in a ringing resolution condemns the democratie senators who have obstructed tariff reform, and approves the efforts of the house to relieve the people of unjust taxation and burdens. " From the people," say these democrats, "the democratie party receives its power," and "to the people its first duty is due." When the protective duty on refined sugar was put in the McKinley bill by the republican senate in 1890, the republican house readily acquiesed in it. When the same coterie of Sugar Trust senators sought to repeat this favor to the Trust at the present session, the democratie house indignantly refused to agree to it. This exhibits the measureless difference between a republican and a democratie house. - Lansing Journal. The democrats of Queen Anne county, Maryland, recently met in convention for the purpose of naming delegates to the congressional convention; and having President Cleveland's letter and Senator Gorman's speech before them, adopted the following resolution demanding that "The nominee of the district shall accord President Cleveland his ■full support, and shall be sound on tariff reform, as the people are not disposed to tolérate nominees who will not actively support true democratie principies." There is certainly no ambiguity about this language, and it indicates furthermore that the democrats of Queen Anne county are not of the Gorman variety. The McMillan-Rich machine succeeded at the Grand Rapids republican convention, as everybody expected it would, in riding down all opposition to its cut and dried programme. It was done, however, amidst a fierce display of teeth, unsheathing of knives, and the omin. ous silence of the Wayne delegates. Those who were not in full sympathy with the machine methods, were unceremoniously sat down upon and not allowed to express themselves. Other nominations than those sanctioned by the machine were not listened to. Speakers were squelched by arbitrary rulings of the chairThe final act in all this will be what is styled "taking your medicine." It is extremely doubtful, however, whether the sickening dose can be crowded down the throat of those whose stomachs are so rebellious even at the thought. Late reports from Washington indicate that while the "trust" senators continue their threats to defeat all tariff legislation if their crazy quilt bill is not accepted by the house. They are nevertheless coming more mellow with each passing day. It is now thought that the conferees will have their differences settled before the close of the week and that the settlement will not be on the lines of the senate patchwork either. This would indica e that the protection sugar trust senatorial junta is on all fours with ears to the ground and that they are beginning to hear from the péople on the questions at issue between the two houses. Wherever the people have spoken, their voice has rung out loud and clear in support of the president and the house. There is j no question but that the democratie party is for the tariff plank of the Chicago platform and consequently for the Wilson bill in preference to the senate bill because the former is a nearer approach to a distinctive revenue tariff than the latter. These trust senators have been false to democratie principies and pohcies and they must be brought back to a realizing sense of their obligations to the people or be trampled under foot. The so-called conservative democratie senators, being in opposition to party pledges and vast rnaorily of democrats of the country on the tariff, have heretofore sheltered themselves behind the claim that their position on the tariff bill was dictated by the industrial interests of their own localities. But as the people have become aroused, by the president's letter, to the trading and selfish propensities of these "compromisers," even this ground seems to be slipping from under them. Recently the following numerously signed protest against the course of Senator Smith of New Jersey, on the tariff bill was forwarded to him: It shows the falsity of his claims and indicates that the democrats of New Jersey are genuine tariff reformers and supporters of the administraand that they stand squarely on the Chicago platform. It says: The undersigned, your eonstituents, all democrats, desire to protest against your action in opposing the Wilson bill as it came from the house of representives, and in so doing we wish to emphasize one or two f acts which you seem to have forgotten. In your contest for the United States senatorship, it was distinctly stated as a reason for vour election that you were in full accord with the policy of President Cleveland with reference to the tariff and shared with him distinctly all his views upon that subject. It was likewise stated as a reason for defeating Governor Abbett that in you we have a representative of clean politics and a high standard of political virtue. But it is with extreme regret that we now have to intorm you that the confidence hitherto existing is fast giving way to distrust, and that yourr present attitude is even arousirg doubts whether your course is influenced by patr,iotic motives and due regard for the wishes and interests of a vast majority of your eonstituents.


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